May 11, 2021


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Coronavirus – China's Lies affect us all

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50 thoughts on “Coronavirus – China's Lies affect us all

  1. This is July now, we can see how ridiculous this guy is! He has no idea about pandemic, such as the Spanish Flu. The virus is from nature. He is spread false info, for the sole purpose of making money on Youtube!!!

  2. Very well said?people need to realize that there is a difference between the CCP and the Chinese people. I am a Chinese adoptee living in America and the more I learn about the CCP the more I hate them. However, I don't let the CCP ruin my views on Chinese food, culture, and people. Stay safe everyone!?

  3. When our Heath minister (iran) said china made a bitter joke about the numbers , their ambassador said our numbers are correct but next day they said oh we have alitte mistake on counting it about 1500 diffrent

  4. And toilet paper???????????? Do you understand this toilet paper madness why people fill their basket with it, oh I get it that means people shit more than they eat right. So lot are full of it.

  5. Winston, you did a video where you mentioned that your wife had been told at work, that – am I correct – each hospital could not report more than 500 CV cases. After reporting 500, the reports had to show a different cause of sickness. Please expatiate more on that for us. That sounds like a covert and do you or your wife have any proof of that?

  6. China has created many big lies. With its successful Propaganda, many actually believed.

    1. Taiwan still belongs to China. nope, China gave Taiwan to Japan in WW2. After the war, Japan gave Taiwan back to the Taiwanese.
    China never bothered to help Taiwan after the war. Taiwan rebuild itself. Taiwan has own government, has own army, has own flag and national song, has own election for president. Gosh, China needs visa to enter Taiwan, just like any foreign country.

    2. Will not intervene in Hong Kong for 50 years.
    Crap. Just 23 years, and protests are cracked down with China police and Hong Kong people are missing.

    3. China is a super power. China can bully the weaker countries, China can twist the facts, China can demand apology, well, China can spit in aircon buildings if China want to.

    4. China has defeated the China virus, now the west brought back the virus.

    5. No one died in Tian An Men Square.

    6. No organs have been harvested from FLG.

    7. No rape in the refugee camp

    8. China has less deaths than Italy for this China virus.

    9. China said 1st report was in Jan 2020 but truth is it was in Oct 2019. China told WHO, this virus is normal flu, can be controlled easily.

    10. China is all well and healthy now, all new virus cases are brought in by those foreigners.

    China dominated youtube, twitter and poison the facts with half truths. They removed truths online secretly. Try searching for tiananmen, you can't find deaths fact in China anymore, they wiped it all out.

    Blah blah blah…. I could go on forever.
    Please don't believe anyone who speaks for China now.

  7. Winston, you've changed from mostly positive to exclusively negative reports. Your excuse is "helping" point out problems to be fixed. Did it ever occurred to you that you may be creating BIGGER problems, namely "racism", anti-Chinese sentiment, Xenophobia. Many of your viewers will see it that way. Do you care?

  8. Ironically the situation is getting worse in the US, especially in New York. Hospitals are full, people are dying and there aren't enough space to store the dead body.

  9. Let us look back at this video, now China had blocked the virus to spread in the country, so why westerns couldn't do better instead of blame? The reason is when you don't trust China's warning, and believed it would not be that serious, also didn't take the way China did, now we all are suffering from your policy and lose thousands of people. Even you hate China and Chinese, could you stop misguide us by giving us the real information of China?

  10. How we forget On November 12, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 22 million Americans had been infected with 2009 A H1N1 and 4,000 Americans have died. … On January 15, 2010, the CDC released new estimate figures for swine flu, saying it has sickened about 55 million Americans and killed about 11,160 from April through mid-Decembe

  11. CCP do has lots of problems, but apparently they are not shitheads. Now thank CCP China has the virus situation under control by forcing the people stay in their place. You can say whatever you want but it will not change the fact that now the people in China are relatively safe from the coronavirus. If I were you I would be very grateful for living in China and would stop talking shit about China in Youtube.

  12. I've been watching your channel for years and absolutely love the work you've been doing mate. I'm terribly sorry for everyone who is being affected by this virus and the CCP. Stay safe and best wishes.

  13. yes….it's not Wuhan people's fault, it's ppc…the Wuhun doctor Lee already found the virus in the early time and report to the government but PPC locked him down and forced him to shut up … then he died, his friends the other 7 doctors are disappeared or keep shutting up too.they r too scary R.I.P.

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