26 thoughts on “Coronavirus: It is governments not the coronavirus which threaten our lives.”
  1. CV is simply a g'ment hoax, a lie to control. It has completely failed, but as our g'ments have now backed themselves into a dead end hole, they have to keep trying to terrorise the few general public who are "gullable", but as a friend of mine stated last night "the government are now completely f'ked".

  2. I love old Verny. He's the one who started me on the quest for animal rights ages ago when he used to write for that ragtop The People. He's even replied to an email from me in the past. Didn't realise he had his own YouTube channel, so I'll be digging through it.

  3. Yes for most people it is no more than a nuisance but we had lockdowns globally to limit it and it still has managed to nearly as many people as the flu would in a year in half a year. Also, people aren't vaccinated against the Coronavirus whereas most are vaccinated against the flu. This means most people cannot spread it. If we went without a lockdown almost everyone would be able to be infected except maybe those who have had it. You are a prime example that someone can have the best education in the world and still be a complete dumbass.

  4. The major problem I see in this deranged world is far to many people are watching tell lie vision and believing everything it says with out a second thought, the masses have been brainwashed by this MK Ultra device, the movie THEY LIVE says it all

  5. I started to wake up to medical scams about seven years ago, although l had had my suspicions before then.After a lifetime of being used as a lab rat for psychiatric treatments, which caused far more problems than if l had been left alone, and also created many health conditions, warranting more drugs, an honest nurse told me the truth, that l could be toxic from the drugs, the first time any medical P roffessional had told me that, so l have slowly come off almost everything, including diabetes and cardiac drugs.l have been trying to educate my doctor by giving her books to read,she is quite indoctrinated but l think there is hope, but the biggest eye opener for me was obtaining copies of my medical records, and, although upsetting to read the true opinions of doctors, and also many lies or half truths, l am now fully awake to what is really going on, but l have been given many labels, including paranoia, delusional and chronic psychosis, so really no one will take much notice of what l say, but l am glad that others, including some doctors, are telling the truth.My advice to anyone would be to get copies of your medical records, and know what is really going on.

  6. Politicians and authorities the
    World over have these traits running through their veins
    Zero accountability
    Delusions of grandeur
    Truth is what’s coming which they will try very hard to hide
    Mass elite pedo rings the world over being exposed
    That’s what they worry about

  7. New World Order and their need to kill most of the population . What they do not kill with Covid, Lock-Down or withdrawing hospital tests, Cancer Stroke or Heart attack, not also Dementia treatments and Mental Health concerns Britain seems to becoming a Concentration Camp

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