25 thoughts on “Coronavirus: These tests for new drugs will be dangerously misleading”
  1. You know doc, I am one of the ones who was worried they didn’t do animal studies before human trials. I am totally rethinking this. Maybe we should offer prisoners who are on death row to change their sentence to life instead of death if they agreed to being a human trial? Just thinking of other avenues. Thank you for setting me straight!

  2. The insert in all the prescriptions I have ever had are scarily similar to each other.
    It is clear that they just print a generic list and don't actually give you any accurate information

  3. I do tell people about you…even gave your name to my GP. I really didn't realize animals were still used in such sadistic manner. And to think it's not even useful well that takes the biscuit. Goes to show you what we are up against as our President is so pleased at how well the vaccines are coming along.

  4. My students used to debate the evils of animal experimentation back in the 80s and 90s. Somehow, I thought this inhumane practice had stopped. Thanks for correcting my assumption. You are amazing.

  5. My father had a major aversion to pills. He might take an aspirin on rare occasions. He was in pain once after an operation, couldn't sleep for days, and my sister and I begged him to take one of the pain killers he was prescribed. He wouldn't.
    I'm not sure why my father hated pills, and drugs so much. Probably because of addicts he'd see in NYC where he worked.
    There are so many drugs now, with TV commercials for them. Grade school kids on psychotropics. I think if an Einstein or Van Gogh were in grade school today their genius would squashed by prescribed meds. I wonder how many of these meds the kids are hypnotics to aid in brain washing them.

  6. VERNON A BANNED VIDEO OFFCOM SAYS RADIATION PULMONARY FIBROSIS AND RADIATION PNEUMONITIS .. That's what's been killing people. Also flu jab with five ties strength includes Corona Virus in jab. Offcom papers

  7. Here we go again with the information box. Get the latest information on covid 19 from the new Zealand government.
    They are the last mob I would trust for any reliable source of information.

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