48 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Why the economy won't bounce back”
  1. The damage done is and will be significant for a long time to the economy. Rather than lock down the economy and the healthy that can continue to work we could have kept working and sent some of the money to countries that are suffering. I’ve just watched tv and saw an add for water aid. The number quoted is an estimated 800 children per day will die from no proper access to clean water. 800 multiplied by 365. 🤔 292,000 is close enough. This is an everyday event. How many mothers die at childbirth. How many die from tuberculosis each year. How many diseases are there out there that are killing people Yet governments close down the world economy and now threaten to close us in if there’s a ‘spike’ in numbers of this ridiculous hoax innocent bloody flu virus. I’m a peaceful 61 nearly 62 year old guy that loves life and has observed a lot in life. This idea that people have so easily adopted by the government and the “law” even mentioning that the “army” will be involved to control the situation to just roll over and ‘cop it sweet’ has got me flabbergasted to say the least. The most intelligent creature can watch a magician and be totally convinced “it’s not a trick” 🤔🤔🤔🤔 only to discover it really was a trick and they have been easily fooled and lied to😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I’m voting for public flogging to be brought back in for the ones responsible for all this upset. I want them to be stripped of their assets and made to live in a government assisted dwelling and work in a factory or warehouse so they can experience what it takes so they can sit comfortable. Trust me there is more wealth out there that is controlling this situation than we will ever know. One of my clients recently had a ‘one billion dollar’ boat built and didn’t even blink at the cost…………. just another cowboy with bucks. There are so many out there like him. Yes there’s a lot of money out there. So I’m hoping that the power of people like vernon and so many others can continue to beat the drum and gather support so we have strength. My hope is for “bigger louder stronger” that’s my slogan 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  2. Today I took the bold step of emailing the medical practice with whom I'm registered. I made it very clear what medical treatment, devices etc I will not accept. I am considering sacking the medical practice by deregistering and not registering with any other. Should I require emergency care that's recorded… I don't trust the medics, the media, the government et al,

  3. Yes the governments and bankers know without a doubt the economy will not come back, they planned it this way, it's one of the main reasons for this plandemic. The global economy must die before their new one world government can be established.

  4. The banking system is a Rothschild operation. They seized control of the Bank of England following the battle of Waterloo. They've also infiltrated the Monarchy. Prince Phillip is Danish extraction, ie tribe of Dan, and part of the ancient royal blood lines going back to Zoroastrianism, the first monotheistic religion. The people plan on the scale of centuries.

  5. Global economies were damaged beyond repair back in the 70's, we have been falling off of a vertical cliffe every since, then the post code system was born, which is the same model what the communist called sectors, which is what the post code is based upon, go figure the numbers and letters and their true worth.The smart thing to do in the very near future is to re-skill together with what true life skilled and or those who are current makers of things have to share and do it freely while there is still time.

  6. I read about this in a publication called Codex Alimentarius Originally published: 1981
    Codex Alimentarius Commission
    Founded: 1963
    Headquarters location: Rome, Italy

  7. Small steps to Agenda 21, this won't stop and there won't be many people in the next generations to come, only enough to carry out the dirty jobs that machines can't do and no one else will wan't to do.

  8. The economy definitely won't bounce back with a bunch of idiot psycodic's looting business's across this nation. When the stores are empty will target private homes. ? A well armed "Homeowner/Malitia is a constitutional right!

  9. Its about Agenda 21. Its also a reaction against people rejecting Agenda 21 and its Globalisation 4.0 and the birth of the 4th Industrialisation. The One Worlders are panicking. They see rising populism. Brexit Trump etc. But their future plans will not work because of the unscientific thinking behind their vision. We cannot live in a world without coal or oil unless we are prepared to return to the stone age. Economically wealth cannot be created without labour. Its all flawed but we will all have to suffer until the useful idiots and geeks realise it.

  10. politicians wanna fill their pockets
    thy wanna see us always enslaved and controled
    don't donate to the so called covid 19 charities by the governments they spend 1 percent of it and keep the rest for their pockets

  11. The gov want to control the masses, they want to put fear in ppl than it gets passes to their children the children will be scarred for life this , I wonder when this happens where will the child protective services be , we can't even shop me and my sis go to town together one of us has to sit in the car for awhile before we can go in the store we can't go in the store together I got stopped one day and ask did. U ride with her I had to say no I didn't it's gotten to the point of craziness

  12. this 80% furlough and government bailout will all be paid back and more, you get nothing for nothing in this world and it will be EVERYONE that will be paying it back.

  13. Stop saying you're an old man in a chair lol, we see the bright and honest and young vibrant truthful soul. Get going, we love you, it must take courage and energy, but please know it is not in vain !! Thanks for your time and information. We all have to tell what we know and wake up others on our level. It is difficult to hope in those times and honestly we can feel down. I am following from France, same BS here. But I firmly believe the intention we set out will help us, we have to stay positive to raise our vibrations, feel joyful and happy. God and his power will help us and the worst shall not happen. I can't believe that this is the future for humanity, nothing is written down. We are slowly waking up to the truth and it shall all stop when we oppose this. Good, Love and Light always wins in the end.

  14. Banking Cartel? I stupidly took on this financial establishment myself, years ago. Only to discover that my outreach to the ombudsman was in complete vain. My genuine ignorance led me like 'a lamb to the slaughter' Same wolf I sadly admit. A terrible awakening for me.

  15. Due to being a tradesman in private houses I'd imagine I will be going back to work very slowly. Due to the work I do I have no doubt I will be back up and running however it may not be back to full time until next year. Knew I should have finished the paramedics course in the past. Think I'll go into the funeral business

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