April 20, 2021


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COVID charges are disgraceful revenue raising mechanisms | Avi Yemini tells David Menzies

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34 thoughts on “COVID charges are disgraceful revenue raising mechanisms | Avi Yemini tells David Menzies

  1. disgusting have experienced harassment similar when alone.
    the brain dead mainline family members better wise and wake up
    to stand with their kindreds and show some back bone and Heart. & also strangers be Human for f**ks sakes.

  2. Andrews has travelled to China 30 times in the last 5 years. What’s the bet they lured him into a compromising situation and took photos. Either way, he’s on the take or someone has something on him.

  3. Canada is becoming an insane place. The poor man was just in the car having a muffin and coffee in front of Tim Hortons in New Brunswick alone and minding his own business. He was not bothering anybody and he got into trouble by the police and had to play a fine. This is becoming a ridiculous place.

  4. Government is the only entity that operates in the red, then shames and blames the society they stole the money from, then continues to operate even further in the red.
    Any other business would be forced to crumble and close.

  5. Your ignorance leads you to be a racist in less than 1 minute.
    If you were educated, as you claim, you would've done research on covid 19.
    It originated in Chapel Hill North Carolina, USA.
    It was first dubbed the corona supervirus.
    It was reported on & discussed IN AMERICA for 8 years before it was handed off to a female scientist from Wuhan.
    Wuhan was the 1st city in the world to go SMART.
    Look what happened.
    Kinda funny 5g & C19 have the EXACT same health affects.
    Kinda funny that 5g is going up all over the world as studies show how bad it is for life in general.
    But you are just another fake news cyber channel, perpetuating the hate due to a lack of education.
    Kinda funny how trump & company caught covid on a Friday and all were cured by Monday.
    How much more evidence do you all need to finally admit, COVID 19 IS FAKE ?

  6. 'COVID charges are disgraceful revenue raising mechanisms | Avi Yemini tells David Menzies' NOT FOR THE LAWYERS, POLITICIANS AND POLICE THEY CRAFTED THE MONEY MAKING SCHEME AND LOVE IT !

  7. The lockdowns and this Plandemic NWO Circus will NEVER end…. EVER!!
    Oh what, the coronavirus will one day stop spreading and we go back to normal? Are you that naive? Do you know how many similar fake viruses and plandemics they have on their to-do list? If you still think this is about a virus you have the intelligence of a carrot!

  8. Vancouver Freedom Rally October 17th. Tell your friends on the westcoast to go. There's a caravan coming from Saskatchewan picking up people as they go across the prairies to attend.

  9. I live in Canada and I live in a large condo complex and being very outgoing I speak every day with many of my neighbors and young or old they all speak of the devastating effect on mental health they're experiencing by way of the measures taken by the various health authorities and levels of government. Loss of trust in government and the attack on our freedoms for a "pandemic" that has a death rate that of seasonal flu will have serious consequences going forward.

  10. CBC has a video 'Is Canada focused on the wrong COVID-19 tests'. Take a good look at the total government lovers lining up to get tested and on a government database. Idiots will destroy all of use. Wexit!

  11. the local liquor store was robbed 10 times over 5 weeks yes and the police station is only 1km from the store they did not come once the results are 10% price increase and the liquor is locked in glass cabinets

  12. Thats all covid is!!!! Is a money making mechanism and control tool!!! We need to fully INVESTIGATE covid and all who scream the loudest about it and use TRUTH AND REAL SCIENCE not the lies the media pushes!!! I hate the media so much!!!! Thank you rebel news!!!!

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