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COVID Fraud:The UK Government's Outright Lies to The People | Principia Scientific Intl.

Written by Andrew Mather

The UK Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance has just lied outright to the British people, yet again like Gates and Ferguson massively exaggerating the threat (even disregarding that there are no matching deaths for cases) and no one in the mainstream media notices and calls them on it.

“At the moment we think that the epidemic is doubling roughly every 7 days, could be a little bit longer a little bit shorter, but roughly every seven days… If, and that’s quite a big if, but if that continues unabated and this grows doubling every seven days then you what you see of course, let’s say we have 5000 today there would be 10,000 next week, 20k the week after, 40k the week after and you can see by mid-October if that continues we would end up with something like 50,000 cases in the middle of October per day…”

[ITV at 8 minutes]

So… here’s a chart with Vallance’s claim:

Doubling every seven days (x1.104 per day, a little over 10% per day) in the dotted pink line, to get to 50,000 cases by mid-October. Notice you have to start with 5 cases not 600 cases, else it would not be 50,000 a day but 6m cases a day. So, like Ferguson, what he says as parameters and what he charts are utterly different.

Now compare the gradient of the pink line (double every seven days) with the actual cases and best-fits for growth for those cases, as illustrated by the other lines. That’s 3.5% per day, 27% per week, or 1.27 times. A bit lower than 2 times. It will give rise to 8,580 cases per day, not 50,000.

Even that however misrepresents the ‘contagion’ in two fundamental ways:

The ‘Exponential’ Meme

Vallance refers to ‘continues unabated’ = same rate = exponential.

Whitty refers explicitly to exponential multiple times.

NO contagion is ‘exponential’, growing exponentially for months. Try and find any contagion in Google (“epidemic chart”). You will find that for Ebola, Sars, Flu (1918 and Seasonal), daily graphs are consistently standard humped curves.

The ‘It’s Real Not Testing’ Meme

DEATHS aren’t following the CASES as others have pointed out.

We can see that in the following chart: (I download WHO data from the WHO Covid-19 Dashboard, do my own analysis and prepare my own charts).

The pink line in this chart shows what deaths should look like if they’re to track cases, using the 16% death rate that the UK government found popular in the primary contagion. That is a separate topic.

The red line shows that there simply are no deaths to match. In fact, while cases have increased 10.8 times since the cases minimum, 14th July, deaths have actually fallen 9%. (We use a weekly average figure to smooth the daily variation somewhat).

To utterly mis-state the present situation in tree fundamental manners (growth rate, exponential, no deaths): that isn’t a quirk, a slip, a minor error from the UK’s Chief Government Advisor…

The pink line in the first chart cannot by any stretch of the imagination be argued to be a good fit for the cluster of blue and gold lines which represent actual cases and best-fit growth lines.

This is fraud, pure and simple, and what does it do yet again, but exaggerate the epidemic.

The UK government has just formally re-committed to its original fraud with an entirely new scenario. Thus the original fraud was not a mistake, any more than this one is.

We need a good lawyer.

{Editor’s note: Any UK barrister/lawyer versed in pursuing actions against the government for abuse of power, misfeasance in public office, please contact me asap at:}

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