April 10, 2021


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COVID hotels: Lets help Canadians Trudeau is FORCING into quarantine after coming home!

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45 thoughts on “COVID hotels: Lets help Canadians Trudeau is FORCING into quarantine after coming home!

  1. its 2 weeks out of your own pocket, per person in Ireland, in hotels, in one roo, allowed out once for fresh air after 8th day, my wife and 5 yr old daughter coming from Brazil, theyre irish citizens but still need to do it and i dont like it, what can i do?

  2. I am a nurse and can confirm that any medical procedure needs explicit consent from the patient. It is very illegal to confine any patient to their room especially in LTC. That's one of the reasons covid spreads there quickly because most of them have dementia and don't understand how to practice safe health precautions. However we are not allowed to lock them in their room if they are sick, we are only allowed to keep reminding them to stay in their room. There is no way on earth any of this is legal. Forcing people to get a medical procedure than locking them in a room goes against our basic human rights. Just think about people Wyeth AIDS, c-diff, meningitis etc that are allowed to travel amongst us and that is rightly so to protect them from discrimination. They don't test people for other highly contagious diseases because the only power we have left is the rights to our own body. If we don't have that we have nothing. These politicians have no idea and are not educated in this area however they should research the laws they put in place before they enforce them against their fellow citizens. This is disgraceful!!!

  3. i would love to see how the fck they are going to actually go about kidnapping literally every single person that arrives lol! you know what kind of logitics would be required to pull something of that magnitude off????

  4. Rebel was complaining about no quarantine or any checking at all … now there is quarantine. Now you complain about quarantine. Its really too late; horse is out of the barn, but quarantine is probably the only thing that will work.

  5. Trudeau is a child. He can't think for himself which makes him the perfect Puppet for the Globalist Elite self-proclaimed world rulers that are aiming at a Global dictatorship and culling the masses. So far they have tripped over their own two feet for decades, centuries trying to pull this off. This last attempt will also further expose them and back them into their ivory tower corners. What we as the people of the world need to do is stop letting them carry on with the ongoing attacks against humanity and start putting them where they belong IN PRISON.

  6. Don’t go quietly go kicking and screaming don’t give up ur Rights for nothing nite kick scream punch do what u got to it’s your right to freedom !!!! Screw u Trudy u loser !!!!

  7. Has North America been invaded🐲
    Our country now being persuaded of having no human rights 🤕
    In freedom Our founding fathers fought for you
    Signs and symptoms are getting quite scary l Our human history guides us back again
    Peas=ants Serv=ants

  8. To quarantine people who came home from their trips in a hotel to pay a $2,000 and have a negative COVID test is just absurd. Suppose if the people do not live in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, or Vancouver, how are they going to get back home when they are tested negative for the virus?

  9. Just imagine you get off a plane, you do NOT have covid, yet you take a test and get a false positive. The government then forces you into a quarantine hotel, putting you at a higher risk of getting covid, because now you're around people who may actually have it. How many tests do they do after a positive test, to ensure they have the right diagnosis? This is unbelievable. Do these people in these hotels even have access to phones? Why aren't more families speaking out? There was a video of a woman whose son was taken, and she said it had been 3 days and she hadn't heard from him! Why wasn't he allowed to call? Even if you get arrested here in Canada, you have the right to a phone call. There are charter rights and human rights being violated by the Canadian government!

  10. PLEASE people educate yourselves and read this, you'll understand what this is all about….google: “Lockstep”… Written 10 years ago chronicles how to bring the world down with a pandemic | This report was produced by The Rockefeller Foundation. I read European news and people there know about this, they are in the streets protesting but nobody talks about this in North America!

  11. Yeah he's banning people from going into the public and spreading covid! If they are rich enough to break the rules and go travelling and putting everyone at risk, they are rich enough to at least make sure they are not bringing home their covid! Where is YOUR sensibility of protection of the public, Rebel News?? Are YOUR individual rights more important than public welfare? Yes it is a massive problem, propogated by people like you, Keane!!! No wonder our covid deaths keep rising!

  12. This is just ridiculous, forcing people, and have to pay thousands of dollar? What he is thinking, people r already suffering from pandemic, and now this? Canada is going to be soon communist country. Wake up people.😞

  13. I talked to a reporter yesterday about this story. Details on the scheme are not available, even to people in the main media outlets. There's no way I am going to pay $2,000 + to cover my own house arrest. It's obviously being done to make Justin look effective after a long record of mismanagement during the pandemic.

  14. Since apparently the majority of people believe the cv narrative, this type of conduct by big gov is inevitable. Even for healthy people who don't buy into the Main Scream Noose spin.

  15. Are we in Canada. This is against our rights and freedoms and the only people who are talking about it is Rebel News Conservatives not saying or doing anything is not going to get you elected. O'toole wake up and the rest of the opposition

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