April 20, 2021


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COVID: Where Science Goes To Die

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32 thoughts on “COVID: Where Science Goes To Die

  1. Sorry about all the noisy breathing, first time using a new microphone that I didn't know where to point. Or at least that's the excuse I'm using when my attempt to launch #evidencebasedASMR flops.

    I regret saying Ioannidis is a "former hero". He's still a major hero for me, even though the study I referred to here was flawed and very damaging. I have been confused by some of the things he's done and said this year, but don't doubt his motives.

  2. Let's be honest here, if you are paying for a study you will sit on the face of your researchers and fart until they give the answers you want. If you ever wonder why on earth did this otherwise qualified person write something this hilariously stupid, have a good look at the twits paying for the study.

  3. the frontline quacks three months ago : "covid will burn out by october"
    me, a European ER resident in Oct 2020, watching my as my hospital drowns and suffocates under a new wave of Covid-19 admissions : "… please tell me more about that fantastic theory"

  4. Outstanding analysis, but I have filed your video in my "A perfect world" file. The greater take away from your sound presentation is, we should lay your analytic template over everything that is considered "settled science" or even just history, including the American, French and Russian revolutions, the conquest of the American West, the World Wars and oh yes, the Holocaust. But that will never happen. Covid 19 will be swept into the annals of history and the herd of bickering scientists, politicians and people will graze on to more current fads. A few dedicated souls will tease away at the details in the future, mostly for their own edification. The reason we are having the current histeria is because of the cyclical nature of human behavior. Every 80-100 years we have a social mental breakdown and go to war. IMHO, there are two main events that have caused this pandemic free-for-all are. First, the ever increasing decline of political etiquette and public trust, driven by leftists (or more properly called "changists") who don't get their way. And secondly and more importantly, the knowledge by the Chinese that the virus came from their weapons lab and their reaction to that fact (as only a dictatorial government can do) which panicked and set an unprecedented precedent for the rest of the world. Whether letting the virus run rampant, freeing the younger generation of burdensome obligations or doing everything to stop it (much like the Federal Reserve and our current collapsing economies) is better for society in the long run, is something that is neither scientifically nor practically determinable. But it makes for interesting conversation.

  5. Just to preface my comment, I'm not making a point of complaint or disapproval or distain, just a point in fact. If you question your own knowledge, you'll often find yourself only a small way removed from ignorance, a few steps of depth before you can no longer answer a question with anything more accurate than "I'm not sure," or "I don't know." Science and scientists can never be wholly exempt from this, and should in fact be intimately aware of the fact, because that awareness of your own ignorance is what allows you to learn and try to find answers. Science isn't plagued by ignorance, it's enhanced by its acknowledgement of it, and it's only when people within and without begin to believe in absolute certainty of conclusions and predictions that the system breaks apart. When people outside of science treat it as a source of absolute truth, when people within start to believe that complete certainty is ever a state they can reach, that is when science breaks, and becomes something verging on religion and superstition; Truth, the absolute, is something that only belongs in the realm of philosopy and religion, and even within those fields there is disagreement on that point, but it has no place in science, we seek only to lessen our ignorance.

  6. I told my wife in early March that this virus was going to be A) politicized to the hilt and B) the “experts” would shit the bed. I was right on.

    I’m no doctor, nor am I a scientist. But I am an electrician and I understand cause and effect. The very first news article I ever read on the virus was an attempt to assign blame on Trump. Whatever he may have done or should have done was more important than logically gathering information. It was clear that any answer that didn’t show Trump was perfect or Satan incarnate was going to incur a cost, and so people went to the extremes as their tribe dictates. Especially the “experts”.

  7. You forgot to mention the wildly inaccurate Imperial College simulation-based predictions that, arguably, were the cause of most countries not complying with the WHO pandemic response plan – instead going into fear-based policy making.
    (In my country, Sweden, we mostly followed the pandemic response plan and that seems to have worked about as well as any other policy when it comes to covid mortality. And, obviously, lower all-cause mortality since we didn’t do as many dangerous and unproven interventions such as lock downs.)

  8. This is why I fail papers when students reference studies without peer review. I once read a paper, where a student cited a claim that blood plasma is toxic. After actually going through the article myself, I found that the student was cherry picking a quote from the study, which was only referencing toxicity under very specific, unrelated conditions, all of which seemed farcical at best and dangerous at worst.

  9. ROFLMAO!!! You definitely finished in the bottom of your class. You used personal attacks on doctors without providing any data to prove anything they said was wrong. LOL. So the New England Journal of Medicine published a mask study (still up on their website) showing that masks do not slow or stop the spread of a virus. Then you don't mention the 20+ studies listed on the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons about masks. Please note these studies were done prior to the politicization of Covid so they are likely less biased than studies done today. All of these scientific studies show pretty much the same thing. Masks are not effective against a virus and are more likely to increase the spread due to the over confidence of the user. Lastly you talk about Hydroxychloroquine and how it does not work. Well Hydroxychloroquine has been around for a very long time. It is considered as safe as aspirin and is an over the counter medicine in a number of areas with malaria. So tell me why is it almost impossible to get in the US? Is it dangerous? Because the studies that say it is dangerous used over 400 times the recommended dose in their tests. If I give you 400 times the doses of water you would die. Hmm, seems like the studies might have been created to fail. You are a liar and nothing more than a shill. I really hope you don't have any real patients because they are likely going to die in your care.

  10. The Black Death has a population adjusted death of 580 million in today's numbers. That is the population of North America, Australia and a few other places combined.
    That is a deadly Pandemic. People would not be forced to take steps to protect themselves. They would be doing it or be dead.
    This is a casedemic. Cases which tell us a partial DNA or RNA fragment is present in a body and tells us nothing of its nature. If you need to amplify it 30 or 40 fold than it is likely not any more dangerous than all the other detritus floating in the blood.

  11. I'm intrigued that you required empirical pier reviewed evidence for everything BUT mask wearing. Why would that be the exception? Why would saying, it might work, what's the big deal, be okay in that case? Confused by what appears to me to be a different standard from the previous examples . . .

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