October 17, 2021


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Cressida & Sadiq REFUSE To Resign Following Police Scandal [14.03.21]

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39 thoughts on “Cressida & Sadiq REFUSE To Resign Following Police Scandal [14.03.21]

  1. who is controlling them ! Being Dick and Khan! and poiltistions and the media! bbc they have been brought with corruption from blackmail for years think jimmy hOWS ABOUT THAT THEN! ask HIS HMS Andre garry glitter to little boy had to many toys GET IT WAKE UP !!!!!!!! HOW many time has an investigation has never happen there a law until there self WHY ! thay wont only to keep us as slaves but remember thay take are kids to do as thay want with ,,no ask the one who this ,,history never lies do your home work ,,,,i was nearly taken away for sex ,,i now know but lived a good life normal ,,but i thick wot if i had not ,,i wish all who been though this and to are still alive stand up when others do that's your time Alex benfiled sick with him love to all just a normal farther whos had his live lost p x

  2. Human rights have not been abolished. We have unalienable rights to gather, to speak freely and to move around. A corporation ( the police) do not have rights to overrule any / all of our rights.
    Sorry ,it won’t stand up in court.


  4. Thank you Mahyar! That woman Patsy & all the other crisis actors/shills involved should be ashamed off themselves! Hugo Talks dot com has a good video about her & others that proves who they are, the video is titled SAY CHEESE & you have to follow the link to view it elsewhere.

  5. First of all, either outdoor mass gatherings are illegal (or if you prefer, unlawful) or they are not. You can't be selective and say that mass gatherings of this group is unlawful but that one is not.

    Secondly, it's Cressida Dick we're talking about. The same Cressida Dick who was in charge of the operation about 10years ago that led to the shooting by Met Police of an innocent man on the tube, Jean Charles de Menezes. How did this woman ever get appointed in the first place.

  6. occams razor: The police had it in for this protest because of the B plot involving the arrest of one of their own for murder. Individual officers then took it upon themselves to manhandle and arrest people. A few hours later Cressida Dick is having to pretend she ordered it for "reasons" because things would get hilariously messy with internal MET politics if she threw said officers under the bus.

  7. What in life is ‘risk free’? We can’t live ‘risk free’ and progress as a society, culture, or species. We can’t go to the beach cos it’s too risky but everything else … nah! It’ll be fine. This nonsense needs to end.

  8. If they put a 6pm curfew on men, then there will be an awful lot of unhappy women around when they go out for the night with no men around to entertain them (once lockdown ends, that is).

  9. It was good to hear you saying those things, Mahyer; but I didn’t hear any of them on the various media channels I’ve listened to today. All I’ve heard has been how disgusting and dreadful it was that scenes like this occurred and how the Met police had behaved appallingly.

    I can’t believe how gullible everyone seems to be in this country.
    Why can’t we see that these left-wing organisations are hellbent on destroying our country?
    Why can’t we see that at every opportunity they get two groups of people and pit them against each other?
    Can’t people see how strange it is, that out of all the young women who have been murdered in the past 20 years, suddenly some organisation decided that this murder was one that needed a long protracted vigil?
    And a vigil is something where you quietly contemplate events that have caused worry and upset. You can’t call it a vigil and then remain there for ages, playing drums and percussion as though you are gearing up for war. It’s about time this country recognised these arch manipulators for who they really are, and stopped siding with them.

    What is it with the police? Either they are scared of Antifa or they agree with them! Either way it’s not good for this country. The sooner we root out these evil people and put them in prison when they resist the police, the better.

  10. MT, I care not for either of these two individuals, but this time I believe research into the sub-group who organised this vigil would pay off. It concerns me that it was more than it's title suggests and why royalty attended. Over 200 women are killed every year, but no one holds such a vigil and royalty never comment. Why now?

  11. They're keen to create another George Floyd-type excuse to riot. If that poor murdered girl had been black it would have much been better for them. "Racism!" "RIOT!"

  12. Let's not start by having a go at the Police, why is this Country populated by Morons, idiots who think it's perfectly OK to ignore the fact that we are in a World wide Pandemic, a lock down, forget all medical advice to keep social distancing because they deem it a worthy cause and want to feel good about themselves. Lock down is fine unless there's a good Protest to go to

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