May 13, 2021


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Crisis Point: Junior Doctor Diaries | Part 1 (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories

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29 thoughts on “Crisis Point: Junior Doctor Diaries | Part 1 (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. It is beautiful to see how much diversity there is in medicine. As a hijabi myself, I can finally relate to a program. While movies or other programs without diversity bores me. So amazing work to show the real people in the white coats

  2. The problem is neoliberal economics. Also known as Reaganism or Thatcherism. neoliberal economic structures the economy so that the rich people get even more money with the thought that "a rising tide lifts all boats.".

    In the 1800s this theory was known as the oats and Sparrow theory. The oats and Sparrow theory said that if you fed the horse more oats there'd be more oats in the feces for the sparrow to pick out. It's never been tested with horses and oats. It has been tested in society such as Europe and Britain in the 1800s and the United States and Britain starting in the 1980s. It clearly does not work to keep people out of poverty. It is, however, very effective at transferring more of society's resources to the wealthiest 1%.

    Neoliberalism has starved social institutions, like the nhs, and the healthcare system in the United states. After that the fact that the worsening of income and equality that invariably follows systems like neoliberalism and the healthcare crisis is even further worsened.

  3. Can’t believe UK made decision to go BREXIT when they really rely so much on foreign work forces in key GOV sections like NHS…
    All the people who voted leave really need to watch this video and objectively see the reality of UK

  4. I was a nurse before and gave up on allopathic meds almost 7 years ago started studying naturopathic meds we now off all our chemical meds i am 68 my husband 78 and we have not seen a doctor in 6 years very easy to be healthy and stay healthy

  5. The skinny dude smokes, eats a bag of chips over 2-3 days and just sleeps all day.

    Total mystery why he's just skin and bones and feels awful. Not.
    And he would just watch himself die instead of admitting smoking weed all day n just not eating by himself, wasting precious time and resources in the hospital?

    I know he didn't do it out if malice but it's still a bummer when people do that.
    "I don't know why I have a unibrow, doc" draws on unibrow with edding
    "doc why am I so skinny?" does absolutely nothing, not even eating

  6. It is not NHS services that keep people safe, it is people UK are isolating themselves from this disease. NHS services were not hygienically clean or ethnical in recent years prior to coronavirus. What about the waiting list for operations and treatments before this disease happened publicize that? Plus unlimited resources is funded by the government which is the difference between death or not.

  7. Had no idea cannabis was an appetite suppressant 😲. Definitely learn something new everyday. Think that young man's case just goes to show, that not everyone will have the same outcome when using this, and that it does have the potential to set some back, even cause an addiction that affects a person negatively. I have nothing against cannabis btw, it's got some amazing, helpful properties, and I like to look at it as a medical tool, a medicine, but like with any medicine, there will be some who just can't take it even though it works wonders for so many.

  8. i knew there was something going on with that young lad i thought he looks old looking his skin looks bad and has he got an eating disorder or even using hard drugs never mind weed.

  9. Feminists have failed us again….the push to put women through universities to be doctors has backfired. Many are leaving and only want to become part time GP’s. Once there they work as few hour’s as they can, some thing I experienced when i was 3 minutes late fo an appointment with one. She passed me on the way home as i stood at reception. So now the surgery’s need to employ 2 females to one male. I understand that few are committing to the more specialised aspects of medicine which will eventually lead to a massive shortage of specialists. As a result we have to find doctors from overseas. So women in medicine…..a very bad idea. Start employing the men again.

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