February 26, 2021


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Crypto Security: Passwords and Authentication – Livestream aantonop

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37 thoughts on “Crypto Security: Passwords and Authentication – Livestream aantonop

  1. People politicians corporations do conspire. It is called lobbying and bribary. Think the confusion is anyone who asks a question is now labelled a conspiracy theorist. I guess we are hence all conspiracy theorists to one extent or another. I once mentioned bitcoin being decentralised with a limited supply. I was told it was a conspiracy theory. The word conspiracy theory actually suggests we should just dismiss everything. Is that a conspiracy a theory or a conspiracy theory. ? It is all madness.

  2. why not use Physical Keys….. yes those keys you use to open your apartment or to start your car? They are easy to store and hard to hack. Or a combination of passwords and keys?

  3. Thank you very much.
    If it's ok,I'd like to put this on my facebook page to help educate others.
    They know I'm not the one giving the video of course and i will label it accordingly
    Thank you.
    Glad u are here 🙂

  4. what if the password management company shuts down and their service stops because of a bug in their software (Which was what caused them to be sued and close down)

  5. It does not need to be that hard or complicated!

    Something that only you or very few people know, plus other words, things, phrases that only you or very very few people you know, would even recognize/know.

  6. OH… MY… GOODNESS… I consider myself to be fairly internet savvy, having been online since the mid 90s, and I had no idea you could use "space" in a password. 😯
    Totally guilty of that substitute + random symbol + numbers scheme.
    I just changed a password on one of my email accounts using 3 common words with spaces and whattaya know… it worked. Feels like magic. 😄

  7. This is one of the most useful videos regarding cryptocurrency security. Thank you, Andreas.
    Lots of important points throughout the video. I'm sure there are plans to edit this into separate shorter videos with specific sub-titles 🙂

  8. Great information. I use Yubikey on keepassx, I'm not ever happy leaving it in laptop. Use it, then on log off or computer shut-off take it with you on a lanyard. Edit: punctuation, added some words.

  9. Funny about using words as passphrases.
    My father was onto this years ago, but he would use pass phrases like leaky-sunken-ship (one of his actual passphrases).I argued this was too easy to guess, but then again, this was about 1980 and he was using MS-DOS, way before the internet 🙂

  10. Bitwarden is good. Free for personal use, and offers 2 Factor on the main account, making it nearly impossible to be hacked.
    And Linux is the only way to go, if you're serious about security 🙂

  11. As a average person that has been in the space for 7 years, I'm happy to leave it to the exchanges. As long as i know i have access to my private keys. Best security needs insurance… But it costs..

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