May 8, 2021


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24 thoughts on “CSPN: My Upcoming Long Journey

  1. I have spent the last four winters in Turkey and by luck we decided not to go this year, I can imagine what you are going through and I am so glad we weren't caught up in it. Safe travels and welcome back, perhaps you should move here to Canada.

  2. You are beautiful every time Sibel hanim , I wish you a great great trip , health and happiness…. But will miss you, I was looking so much forward to your visit to Gaziantep but as you know we say "Kismet" , hopefully another time. I find your opinion very important and learn very much over the years from you and enjoyed listening (I was following you since years) than I lost you and found you back here in Turkey ☺️ All the best

  3. Was on my way in april to Fetiye, to try to find you, but got stuck in India.
    Love your work, read your books. I have a case for you, Gladio2 multiple technology-implants, biological agents and radioactive material. Was living in Turkey myself 2012-2017. I am in Human Right Court case against Norway/Nato.
    Also have book coming soon, hopefully. I have to go public to stay alive. Contact me on
    Have a safe journey…!

  4. Hi Sibel, safe travels, when you’re back in the US and are ready to find an alternative platform, please consider joining DLive, it’s great for content creation and publication and is much less restrictive than the leading competitor. It also happens to have a big Turkish community so you can communicate your ideas and thoughts directly to them, lots of good people on there! Good luck, we love you!!!

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