Cuomo's Message to Trump: Show the People Covid-19 Is a Real Threat


25 thoughts on “Cuomo’s Message to Trump: Show the People Covid-19 Is a Real Threat”
  1. who does not think it is a real threat? btw NY is number one in deaths per capita. Maybe look in the mirror first. Of course wear a mask despite DR. fauci early misinformation about them.

  2. Cuomo needs to close his mouth. He has failed his people. He has the highest death rate of all states. He closed down later than many states. He‚Äôs complaining about 180s… he‚Äôs pulled his own 180 and a lot of people died because of it.

  3. The president doesn't give a shit about the citizens of the United states. Hes worried about his golf game. He didn't even know what the 19 stands for in COVID-19.

  4. Cuomo will be remembered for his genocidal actions against the elderly. He really shouldn’t be advising anything after the major fuckups he’s responsible for. You had your moment in the spotlight, now stop.

  5. This will fall on def ears. It's like asking donald to stop Russia from interfering in our elections. Russia is so emboldened that they are now taking trophy kills from the Taliban on our troops. Thank you Republicans

  6. The truth…. this virus is bs. Record breaking profit margins for pharma, politicians, corporations… people are being murdered, virus is the excuse. America's latest terrorist operation.

  7. Trump can not tell the truth, he lies so much, that he possibly does not remember 20 minutes after he says something, anything that he forgets exactly what if any thing he said. Maybe the use of a lie detector should be given to him

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