September 25, 2021


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27 thoughts on “DAILY | Altar Boy Gerry Butts Can “Understand” Burning Churches

  1. Church is not a physical structure to revolt against and burn down, its the body of Christ.

    Romans 12 :19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord.”

  2. If you had a deep nose swab your forehead, nose, throat and chest are now magnetic. Seriously. I'm living proof. Take some coins from your pocket and watch them stick to those areas. Magnetic particles have been implanted into us through the deep nose swabs. I was shocked when I did the magnetization test yesterday and everything from coins, batteries, fork, spoon etc stuck to me. I could actually feel the magnitization deep inside me when the different things attached. Temples are included. What is REALLY going on?

  3. New Zealand is the bolt hole of the Pacific – The reason why 200 migrants got accepted without meeting migratory requirements – $$$ & influence..
    Some migrants from England cried when getting to New Zealand during the plandemic – 'it was the first time they were able to hug someone for quite some time'…
    As for Churches, Christchurch has some interesting history…

  4. When you have been molested from childhood by the various priests of the Catholic Church, John Seely, Peter Daglish, and the rest like Gerry Butts and Justin Trudeau have been in the past, you might want to burn down churches too… especially when your own daddy traded traded your innocence for more support and power. Watch Justin’s eulogy of P.E.T., listen to him, watch his body language, look at his facial expressions.

  5. why did that gerry but when he moved from toronto to ottawa he got hundred thousand dollars to move from toronto to ottawa bunch bs n lies it does not coat that much to move that far gerry butts is greedy fk n a liar

  6. Why are Conservatives using "hate crime" now? I find trouble comes when you have to qualify Liberty with the word Civil, like Justice with Social. The fires, even basic vandalism are done for selfish reasons with a guise in recent events as a self justification. All violent crimes are done with hate in the heart, never forget that.

  7. I can’t imagine anyone condoning the destruction of these churches. However, I have to ask where is the Church’s response to this unparalleled horror.

    I want accountability for the individuals who burned these buildings down. But I also want accountability for the institutions that killed all these children.

  8. Once again, FN Canadians being used as a tool to stoke up the bigger agenda. How about we all just acknowledge their history, find ways to unify and stop listening to the mischievous media and politicians?

  9. Wouldn't part 1 of the charter be the most important, as that is where it states our "rights and freedoms" have limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society(Oak's test), and if this "emergencies act" can supercede without the Oak's test? As it pretty much has thus far without any opposition as I doubt most Canadians actually know the charter or language/legalese within.

  10. I was Baptized in a Catholic church which is located on an Indian Reservation (St. Regis). I would never condone the burning of the church despite everything that's come to light. Peace and unity to all.

  11. And, if you were to pull an AR 15 or a melee weapon to defend your church from being fire bombed, or your business–especially in Canada–Trudeau would pick that and call the man/woman crazed to defend themselves and their property. Modern day logic is sick and twisted–especially by the left's viewpoint.

  12. NO Dominion voting machines and software

    This AFFLUNENZA child will booted out in the first hr.


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