February 26, 2021


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DAILY | Aussie Parliament Praises Rebel, Find the Aylmer Thug, Liberal MP Hires Sister

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41 thoughts on “DAILY | Aussie Parliament Praises Rebel, Find the Aylmer Thug, Liberal MP Hires Sister

  1. The idiots on the left want totalitarianism – they want their views imposed on everyone whereas we on the right just want to be left alone and not be forced to do what we do not like.

  2. I have seen it all .
    Politics is a job.feelings have nothing to do with it.
    Policing is a job feelings have nothing to do with it.
    Whinning is all feelings.
    Whinning is for babys.

  3. -no she said where is your mask rudely which ive had happen to me once not wear your mask and that guy with the chain was so ignorant it hurts my head and btw so far since lockdown started ive been in all kinds of dangerous unwanted situations as well as lots of violence lets just say we are not all in this together nothing of the sort shame on Canada. However Ive seen some good and some great kindness among some fellow men as well as I have been helping others alot to as well.

  4. I just cannot make this up. Public Health officials set health policy but do not practice medicine, have no medical practice, no patients. Yet front-line doctors who know what is really happening medically are not allowed to have any influence about health policy. When the hell was this disconnect allowed to happen? Most of these P.H. officials have Ph.D's. Anyone with a Ph.D. can be called doctor and being called that doesn't make one medically astute. We need to get our front-line doctors to set medical policy and get these other wannabe's out of the way.

  5. Don't get too excited, Sheila, over the Aussie parliament praising you guys. That's their twofaced strategy. There's an agenda behind it. What did I just tell about Radio Koori? Hence, hold your horses on that one before they ride you off the cliff. I can smell that rotten foul all the way.

  6. I agree about the two.minites of silence David. We're going to our Dad's grave tomorrow before the time to stand and lay a wreath. No matter where we are we need to remember especially with our freedoms being attacked.

  7. Thinking for yourself is finally illegal in 2020 as prophesied from ancient Egyptian text, quote 'the sane will be deemed insane and the insane will be deemed sane"…

  8. Before you go out on your missions… call to Archangel Michael And Faith circle and protect
    Pray Lord’s Prayer 🙏
    Mother Mary
    When in danger, call Archangel Michael And Faith help me me.
    Overall pray for Divine protection and courage

  9. Yes. That intro needs to be gone. It is terrible. All intro need to go. OH!!!!!! WOW!!! I didn't know it was YouTube making Rebel put that GARBAGE intro on. So Pathetic.

  10. They've done nothing all these years about the appauling treatments and unnecessary deaths in nursing homes now they say this is all about protecting the elderly! wtf are we stupid or what!!?

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