February 27, 2021


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DAILY | Avi KICKED OUT of Presser, Cop Yells At Media

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46 thoughts on “DAILY | Avi KICKED OUT of Presser, Cop Yells At Media

  1. It sucks Ezra has to deal with a bunch of flat earth/moon landing questions. Makes me feel weird that stuff i appreciate is also appreciated by the same group of people that question basic stuff like that.

  2. Avi is a legend!! I am very proud of Avi's guts and determination!! Avi! Avi! Avi! Ozzie, Ozie, Ozzie!!! 🇦🇺 🇦🇺 The "officer" looks like an alien!! What a shameful image Australia is protecting to the world!! Well done Facebook, I didn't agree at first, but I really think Australia picked this fight with Facebook to be a false flag for something far more sinister!!

  3. Walmart and Via Rail need to copy medical papers training records to allow entry for my service dog/ None of anyone's business. The service tag should be enough even when my dog does not stir even when another dog tries to attack.

  4. Comply comply comply the authoritarian model, only thing police know these days, rights aren't rights if they can be taken away welcome to the new world, thanks for trying Rebel News. Note there is no such thing as a free society on planet earth.

  5. Parliamentary Security let him in, A Commanding Officer of the Parliament let him in BUT Protective Services wouldn't let him in and only because Scam Andrew's personal assistant said no

  6. I fail to see why in all these videos the first thing out of Avi's mouth isnt name and badge number.. all rookie first ammendment auditors in the US ask this before the cop has a word out his mouth.. name and shame and dox if need be.. but not getting any of their names out in public does not help your cause

  7. I'm from Melbourne with a legal background and constitutionally the Premier and or his personal assistant can not ban anyone one from parliament property.
    The speaker of the house can and maybe the governor?
    The police and PSOs (state security guards) can, if they have a reasonable belief that the individual is going to be disruptive.
    Based on Avi's behaviour during this situation and his previous behaviour. They cant hold that reasonable belief.
    Especially when he has a legit press pass and they use the excuse "we don't know what questions you are going to ask."
    I can walk into parliament anytime I want and I have.
    In the secured area he went into. I cant go in there unless I am let in and have a reasonable reason for being there.
    He was let in and he has a reasonable reason for attending. Namely attending a press conference as a journalist.
    On the other hand.
    In regards, to his press pass. I believe it what issued by the federal government and that has no relevance on state property.

    This is really interesting legally and I would look forward to what the Supreme Court of Victoria has to say.
    It would be interesting to see what the state governor has to say because
    https://www.governor.vic.gov.au 's job is a bit more than cutting ribbons and living in the coolest house in the CBD.

    I would suggest Avi actually speaks to her.

  8. Ezra, keep up the great work and compliments to the whole team.
    I have one slight criticism, every time you turn to your right to look at the computer, due to the location of your mike you are YELLING at me. When you looking straight forward you are whispering to me Try placing the mike on your shirt not your jacket. Hope this helps.

  9. I love and support Rebel News, what they stand for and represent, but governments around the world are becoming more overbearing as each day passes and I believe it's high time something is done to bring and end to this tyranny, oppression and ongoing erosion of our fundamental and basic human rights, freedoms and civil liberties, which many before us fought and died for to protect and preserve…

  10. Premier Dan Andrews is Victoria's political mafia boss. He has gotten away with the death of over 800 people, corrupted & scripted the inquiry into it. He is untouchable, above the law & well protected.

  11. In a landmark decision the courts in Hague (Denmark, Europe) have struck down the lockdown. The court said the "curfew must be lifted immediately" and ministers had abused their emergency powers.
    The curfew is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy, and indirectly limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration".

    … probably the huge riots for several nights including the burning of CV test places is what did it. Huge protests all over the world, some hundreds of thousands, so I think they are pushing the agenda as hard as they can before the public figures it out.

  12. I would have thought you would have a case for slander and defamation since the police officer accused Avi of having a "fake" pass and another removed him for being likely to cause a disruption without evidence. It is time a stop was put to all this nonsense

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