May 14, 2021


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DAILY | Dead End at the COVID Jail?

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22 thoughts on “DAILY | Dead End at the COVID Jail?

  1. Why would you hand over credit card. ?, what could they do ? This is EXTORTION .3 TO 700 A NIGHT. BET BEFORE THE PLANDEMIC those rooms were only 100 a night .GOUGING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

  2. I would definitely show up to vote for the first time in decades, if David decides to run for Mayor of Toronto. And he would definitely have my vote!

    Thanks to everyone at the Rebel!!!

  3. I grow weary of all this Covid Plandemic crap! I want MY Canada back not some Communist version of Canada imported from China. Free Canada Lock up Trudeau.. Justin Your Fired. Pack your bags and move to Cuba your fathers country, surely Fidel willed his son some property there.

  4. sort of happen to me paid cash 50 cdn bill gives me all fives back i say 2 twenties please sorry no twenties ok give me back my money says no ok i will wait for police while line up builds window opens gives me the 50 back I go to another other tims drive through only allowed two orders at window wanted 3 seperate orders why to save tax. wtf but can come in I'm exempt paid in cash 2 twenties back no mask worn. nuts

  5. The whole idea behind the covid hotels is to discourage foreign travel. Now that more places are opening up, our Overloads don't want you to see what life is like outside of Canada. It reminds me of the Soviet days when those behind the Iron curtain wreen't allowed out because they may want Freedom. Proof! Patti Hajdu is working on other G-7 countries to require Covid passports.

  6. Starbucks….keep going through the line, ordering drinks and leave when they won't give it to you because you won't wear the mask. If they have to keep dumping drinks…..

  7. It's highly apparent that the world has gone mad and Rebel News, UK Column, Hugo Talks and Carl Vernon are some real sanity in an insane world, for which I am truly grateful. Keep up the great work folks, as there are many people following, watching and listening, including the powers that be, who don't appreciate the real truths being exposed to and for the masses around the world… πŸ˜‰

  8. Hey guys,
    I work at Starbucks in Alberta.
    I would NEVER treat one of my customers like that. We have been told that if someone is exempt, then we don't argue. They get served. There is not even a rule saying that DT customers have to wear a mask.
    I have to wear a mask at work, and I feel sad seeing people in their cars wearing their masks at the DT window.
    Still searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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