April 20, 2021


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DAILY | Disney Drops Conservative Gina Carano, Nursing Home Revelations

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34 thoughts on “DAILY | Disney Drops Conservative Gina Carano, Nursing Home Revelations

  1. People in the US sold Iraq Chemical and Biological WMD 's to Sadam Hussain . VX nerve gas was shipped from Ft.Rucker ,Alabama via Carlisle Group to Balad Iraq…the Gulf war was not about finding WMD's Sadam was making .but seizing the WMD's like Anthrax… and destroying them"in burn pits ' .This was in Violation of the Geneva convention and War Crimes …the weapons left over were shipped to Wuhan ,China …were the DS of the US and the DS of China has had an illegal relationship for decades…cullminating with the Globalist Great Reset using Covid 19… via the Wuhan Biological Warfare Lab….

  2. Funny how everyone seems to have lost sight of the reason for lock downs, which was to keep the healthcare systems from being overwhelmed. It wasn't to "save more lives", it was to "flatten the curve" to spread those deaths over a longer period. Well we achieved that. Many hospitals are actually laying off staff because they have so few Covid patients and aren't allowing other patients to have procedures done. As someone who is an "at risk" person I take full responsibility for avoiding being infected.

    And yes, I'm glad many grocery stores have special hours for seniors and at risk people to shop and I take full advantage of them. I think many people are too quick to dismiss what the death toll will be from staying locked down so long that we go into a major depression. There has to be a balance, because there will be more deaths regardless of whether we choose staying locked down or opening back up.

    If you want to get mad at someone, instead of getting mad at your local or national politicians or the "other side" of whichever party you support, get mad at the CCP! The reason you don't have a job anymore, the reason there are no sports to watch, the reason you can't go to church, the reason your 401K has shrunk, the reason you are sitting at home on a sunny spring day, is because the CCP covered up this virus (man made or natural) for weeks instead of alerting the rest of the world.

    Get mad at the CCP!

  3. If you take the Eastern time zone, the 416 in particular, you become or remain Prime Minister.

    That's the only way to stop the Trudeau machine. Beat them at their own game (not Poilievre's strong suit) or be toast.

  4. I just want to say that if anyone lives in the windsor essex region, that in leamington Ontario there is a restaurant open to dine in , no mask required. Please go and support

  5. "Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. As to the scope of this tolerance and intolerance: … it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word. "

    You boob wont let me post link to Marcuse 's essay on biased censorship..you can google it.. a MUST read!!!

  6. Taking lesson from People's Republic of China and Oligarchic Russia "business malpractices"… How Long before our Country's infrastructure quality drops to "tofu quality".. (Literally and Metaphorically)

  7. In Québec hospital center and private house of nursing for old people CHSLD A big 30 % of the staff , nurse second nurse doctor who wants the vaccin 70 % dont want it and half of them ready to quit if mandatory

  8. Thanks again Ezra and company for such top notch journalism, which is why I will continue to donate and support you and Rebel News whenever I can and am able. Bless and thank you all and those you care for and love. Keep up the great work..! 😉

  9. Ezel Thank you and your wonderful staff for all you guys hard work .i cant beleive we have so many people that have so much power are so corrupt.. We have so many wonderful people in Canada just trying there best to take care of there families but we have greety evil people trying to take Canada down.It is time to fight for whats right

  10. They've already said the effects of the "vaccine" last 5 months.
    That means six month boosters.
    If it acts like they say, like the tetanus ones used in India and Africa, and prevents the uptake of embryos in the uterus that would mean no more babies.
    Good thing we have unlimited immigration.
    Oh, don't worry the government will let you go off your "vaccine schedule" so you can have a family.

  11. Gina Carano said nothing wrong…she merely pointed to the wrongs of the past and how repeating those wrongs today negates the lesson of history. Cancel Culture has got to go. If Gina stood up at a Star Wars Convention and started expressing her politics then I could see their point. But this is McCarthyism Reborn for the modern age. The political, religious and philosophical opinions of people should be respected, and at the very least tolerated, unless they impose upon the rights of others or cause physical harm, or spread hatred. Employees should not lose their jobs for their political views, in any realm. If we started firing people simply for the fact that we DISAGREE with their opinions or political leanings, NO ONE would still be employed.

    We're on a dangerous slope here guys! Gina's paying the price for simply having something to say, and for not backing down from the mob. This made me love and respect her even more!

  12. #rebelnews Ezra I'm not sure if you know this connection or not. The RCMPVA (Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans Association) placed a communication email out to retired officers trying to recruit them to run covid quarantine centers. The very interesting thing about this is the following though. If you check Erin O'Toole's online govern't resume, he is the current Director of Communication for the RCMPVA. So this means he would of had to of known of this communication email being sent out to retired officers. So with the Liberals pushing quarantine centers, Erin O'toole would have to know about that recruitment email, as he is the Director of Communications. We already knew the Conservative Government was lost and that we have no official opposition in this country anymore, but this information just solidifies that. So this must be why O'Toole is so quiet, because his pockets are lined with black-faces used masks.

  13. Search on YouTube, JFK 911 everything is a rich man’s trick there are two of them the first one is three hours long and the second one is about two hours… Amazing info on presidents and corruption of how they do what they do… These were done in 2015

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