May 14, 2021


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DAILY | Doug Ford COVID Bracelets, Pastor Coates Update

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46 thoughts on “DAILY | Doug Ford COVID Bracelets, Pastor Coates Update

  1. This has been all planned from the beginning I've known this for a while it's just recently people are starting to smell the freaking roses pretty soon people will start their own politics

  2. This is a fraud of the PCR tool.
    Are viruses contagious?
    What are viruses?
    Who has the patent on Coronavirus?
    What is Exosome theory?

    The CDC is listed as a for profit corporation on the B & D (Ben & Dunn). 😏

  3. Doug Ford should be removed. I’m from Alberta , but start the petition and the whole country is going to sign it with you Ontario. Heartbreaking to see people put up with this nonsense. All the despots watch out you’re next

  4. It is remarkable that it is not obvious to people that “the powers that be” are using Covid to test how much control people will relinquish to their overloads. Double & Triple your mask because they need a laugh to lighten their day.

  5. The CDC is expecting 11,400 deaths among Long Term Care Facilities (US) (LTCF) from the untested, experimental 'VAX.'

    Note: The number is likely very low-balled. The CDC is basically a privately owned and run company masquerading as a quasi-governmental agency.

    The CDC has a 11 Billion budget –

    – 5-Billion comes from vaccine purchases from 4 companies,

    – the CDC approves the vaccines,

    – the CDC then mandates the vaccines, and then

    – the CDC sells them for a huge profit

    – and they are 0 liability (you can't sue them).

    Does anyone see a problem with this?

    Sales from/to 4 vaccine companies and the other from 57+ patents it has on vaccines. They profit from each jab and have NO LIABILITY. The after-market sales from the chronic damages from the vaccines is a 500-billion a year business, the vaccines globally generate about 60-billion (2020 onwards will be many times higher).

    The real money is in the CHRONIC DAMAGES FROM THE VACCINES . Remeber that when they recommend you wear two, three or four masks.

    The CDC IS A VACCINE COMPANY – a sock puppet for the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry.

    Source: COVID-19 vaccine safety update

    Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)

    January 27, 2021

    Slide #36 of 56

    Estimated background mortality in LTCF residents (cont.)

    ▪ Among 1.3 million LTCF residents (2M x 65%) vaccinated over the 29-

    day risk period (December 21-January 18)

    – *Expect 11,440 deaths among LTCF residents (= 286,000*4%)
    * ,

    following vaccination

    ▪ By comparison, VAERS received 129 reports of deaths following COVID19 vaccination in LTCF residents through January 18, 2021

    ▪ Mortality in LTCF residents is high and substantial numbers of deaths in

    this population will occur following vaccination as temporally associated coincidental events

  6. Personally I think this is a great idea.!
    But I would like to extend it a little bit further. The bracelet supposed to be worn on the neck. And every time that one person approaches another where who wears the same bracelet the device supposed to make loud beep preferably around 120 decibel .and then the electric shock around 5,000 volts should get discharged.
    This experiment supposed to start with Ontario government Representatives and it will be obligatory for all of them where such necklaces until their brains will clean up from all this ridiculous ideas.

  7. I think we should have a bracelet with a poison needle inside so if we come within 6 feet of another person then the needle pierces our skin and kills us immediately.

  8. really worrying that dear leader trudeau loves the ccp model of dictatorship. canadians need to look up and see their country in the grip of totalitarianism.

  9. Why weren’t there 10,000 believers protesting?? If this were a BLM or a Muslim unjustifiably locked up the place would be heaving with bodies!! Yes? No?

    AND where are the established church representatives?….

    Perhaps their teaching book the bible says different to those folk currently protesting and freezing their butts off for their brother……just saying!

  10. Remember how before the internet existed, back in the 90s and earlier, what it felt like to walk around in public without this feeling in the back of your mind that anybody at any time could take your photograph and post your image online anywhere for the whole world to see? Nobody has any privacy anymore. There is always the possibility of someone publishing you and what you are doing on the internet without your permission, or knowledge. Smart phones have ruined the carefree way of life and the security we all took for granted of knowing you could live your day to day life free of constant surveillance. Smart phones have created so many mental health problems, have led to everyone taking everything much too seriously because we are constantly being reminded of every little thing and made to feel like we need to fix every problem in the world. No wonder so many people feel like they can’t handle the stresses of life, they are trying to handle the life stresses of 1000 people they follow on social media! Who could handle that! We’ve gone from worrying about just our own lives, to feeling guilted into trying to fix EVERYONE else’s problems! Before the internet – you say something rude or offensive by mistake in a social setting, well you learn your lesson not to say rude things because it’s offensive, and everyone moves on and forgets. Nowadays we all live in fear of saying the wrong thing because our lives will be ruined if the wrong person overhears you and decides you need to lose your job. Gee, I wonder why everyone has mental health problems?! It’s too much pressure to ‘be perfect or else your life is over’ all the time! We need to ditch the smart phones, just use the internet at home, but start living in the real world instead of big brother’s online world.

  11. Ford 🧐He will be going to that place they call hell I’m certain of that. Seeing how he’s publicly apart of creating it. I heard if you are wearing a mask 😷 You believe in lies and absolute bull sh%#🙋🏼‍♂️… Wait until he tell you that you won’t be able to buy milk 🥛 unless you show proof that you have taken a deadly vaccine 💉 without even asking the most important question .. List of ingredients for that vaccine. You will just take it. No questions asked. 😷 = 🐑

  12. The Government of Canada is a Treasonous organization and little more then an organized crime organization backed by thugs with badges and guns. Under Trudeau this country is an embarrassment. Just as WOKE CANCEL CULTURE is an embarrassment and a corrosive destructive force on Canada. Lastly, why do we need vaccines for a minor virus with multiple cures? Do you think we the people do not know what your doing? This Criminal GREAT RESET should land our entire Executive branch in prison. This is all so evil and disgusting. This communist BS and lies upon lies. Does nobody in our government have integrity? Can anyone in our government do more then expel gas at a screen? ********sheep of fools. Our Government is a joke.

  13. The Christian woman from Pakistan who came to Canada was found dead in Toronto recently. I'm sorry that you weren't able to finish your mission, but I bid you the best on your journey to Heaven 💗

  14. I thank the creator every day for Rebel News and their courageous, analytical and intelligent journalists/reporters and camera crews for all they do, say and stand for on behalf of the people..! It's because of this that I will continue to support and donate what I am able on a monthly basis. You folks are amongst the best of the best.!! 😉

  15. Fellow warriors! Check out Jesse Casanova's channel. He's working with a man from Canada who started a worldwide movement against their evil plans. Earth United. Dividend me stand, divided we fall!

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