May 14, 2021


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DAILY | Ford Kicks Out Anti-Lockdown Ontario MPP

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43 thoughts on “DAILY | Ford Kicks Out Anti-Lockdown Ontario MPP

  1. These tyrants thought of all this before they released the virus. They can claim without evidence that if they didn't lock down, deaths of covid might out weight the death of suicide and others directly related to the actions meant to protect people.

  2. i suggest you download these videos for refrence people 2021's gonna be a crazy year for censorship.

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  3. Aruba, Jamaica, Oh I want to take ya
    Bermuda, Bahama Come on Patty Fedeli
    Key Largo, Montego, Dougie why don't we go? Jamaica off the Florida Keys
    There's a place called Kokomo. That's where Rod wants to go to get AWAY FROM YOU ALL.
    Doug is in the sand, last tropical drinks as politicians melting in their hands.. We'll be in falling love to the end of communism again.
    Down in Ontario.
    Aruba, Jamaica, Resign I'm gonna make you
    Bermuda, Bahama, Come on OPP now.
    Key Largo, Montego, Doug why don't we go?
    Oh I want to take Patty down to Kokomo, We'll get there fast, and then we'll take it slow.
    That's where Rod wants to go, way down in Kokomo
    Plandemique EH Monstrous Mistake.
    Corruption off the Florida Keys, There's place called hypocritville. That's where Rod want to go to get AWAY FROM YOU ALL!
    Politicians in the sand~~~~~~~~

  4. The greatest thing on earth is scratching you’re own balls .., you always get it right the first time

    Time is coming …. Doug has forgotten who he really works for.

    The greatest thing on earth is scratching you’re own balls .., you always get it right the first time

  5. I hope you get 3,000,000. Signatures. Like the election, does, just resign your name using different penmanship. Very well written but it should have been reviewed within the party first and stated that his voice did not get heard by the caucus. This way it sounds like he challenged the leader rather than being helpful. The people voted him in and should be voted out by the people and not his party. This other guy who defined the rules he made and left for an expensive vacation should have been removed and the people agreed with it. Basically the people voted rob Philips OUT so our government does total opposite too the people. AGAIN, letter is very well stated.

  6. vote ford DOWN
    AND all liberals and ndp,green,whoever voted for lockdown !!! canada NEEDs INDEPENDENT who will LOCKUP AND FIRE all these who VOTED CORONA…in SWEDEN they did NOT have lockdowns of economy !!! SURPRISE !!! they have SAME MORTALITY rate as every other nation

  7. Hey Ford …. I just watched a video taken by one of your neighbours at your cottage. Your big white SUV is parked at your cottage. This is why, when I hear the word “politician”, I have a mental image of PIGS AT A TROUGH !!!!

  8. Its all a China take over but Canada has many many sheep driving with a mask on standing behind me in a food store waiting for me to move they waste there time because i stand so long reading labels they have to pass me.

  9. All these regulations and guidelines come from the chief… Tam. Whome was being investigated for Chinese corruption. Investigation was shut down.
    Follow the corruption and you find the strings.

  10. Missed you in Steinbach today ?! Love you all so much ,especially Ezra ! Just joshin, lol . It's not a competition guys ! YOU ALL ARE OUR SUPERHEROS. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU….HUGS all around ! Truth Super Spreaders

  11. When a pm let's a foreign nation(China)take over our nation, is that not treason? Did the PM not say he admires China? You are wrong if you think Truddy is not a traitor to our nation and a danger to our children.

  12. The only mistake he made was putting a % after the infection:mortality rate. The rates are correct but not percentages. He admitted this later but it was a simple grammatical error and they ate him for breakfast over a simple error.

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