March 8, 2021


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DAILY | Georgia Runoffs

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36 thoughts on “DAILY | Georgia Runoffs

  1. The election was not stolen. Although it was disputed in various courts and no widespread fraud, nothing was found. Please stop sowing insurrection. Enough is enough. No evidence of fraud has been found. Trump and his followers don’t like the results, but the people have spoken. Leave democracy intact and stop this ridiculous charade.

  2. They took Donald Trumps free speach rights away… and told the whole world no face book no instagram no Twitter …seems as if nobody has any rights anymore


  3. Take OFF the masks!!
    — Masks are literally a badge of compliant stupidity wrapped around your face, based on irrational fear and ignorance, Not science or logic! Outside a medical setting, utterly useless in mitigating viral pathogen spread. Masks only potential benefit is in minimizing the amount of large particulates of saliva from a direct forceful blast from a sneeze/cough.However, (and this should need no explanation) Wearing a mask has no more effectiveness from stopping these large saliva particles then simply covering your mouth with your hand, handkerchief, in arm, coat, shirt etc. ) This video experiment that literally altered all of world health policy, is nothing more than the most blatantly obvious, junk science and slight of the hand trickery, ever conducted on the entire human global population! – WOW! – What our Moms taught us and we've all understood since childhood! "Cover your mouth when you cough"

    — The absurdity of completely uneducated masses of people with no understanding or concept of infectious disease (Touching their mask compulsively and repeatedly to take on and off, pull up and down, adjust, etc. etc. Contaminating hands just as readily as coughing directly into the hand. Easily causing far more widespread viral contamination, than from not wearing masks.) In other words, not only are masks utterly useless for viral protection, they vastly increase pathogenic spread, by improper infectious disease protocol and use, within mass population numbers.

    — Cloth and fabric masks are beneficial in a medical surgeon setting for minimizing bacterium size pathogenic contamination, but have literally zero effect in stopping infinitesimally tiny (80) nanometer viruses suspended in micro moisture particulates or aerosols. Essentially viruses piggybacking within your breath vapor, passing between the fabric weave, with almost zero obstruct filtration whatsoever, which carries no significant viral load to begin with. (in the world of nano micro molecular size comparison, literally equivalent to using a hockey net as a window screen to keep out mosquitoes.)

  4. God wins, its interesting.PCR is fraudulent, Kary Mullis, creator, said in August 2019 its used to detect what a person is exposed to not what their infected with. Kary died shortly after the interview.
    Doctors aren't health experts, they're trained in sickness. I'd listen to a chiropractor, naturalpath, homeopath first.

  5. At 1;45am, Perdue was ahead by 1,322 votes.

    On or about 1;46 am, 5,906 votes reported from De Kalb County… 91% for Ossoff.

    Around 2;00 am, update says "about 19,000 ballots need to be manually scanned".

    By 3;00 am, 10,036 votes from ?? (need to confirm) … 96% for Ossoff.

    By 4;30 am, another 3,706 votes from De Kalb County… 98% for Ossoff.

    Later that morning and afternoon, numbers rolled in from ??? … 74% to 78% for Ossoff.

    Currently, De Kalb has about 81% overall for Ossoff, which was predicted.

  6. No one is going to fly so it was true when the liberals was doing away with air travel cars and oil and gas they here in chinada are saying nothing they are sitting on their hands while Trudeau destroye us.

  7. Again ignorance. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is stupidity. Insanity in English law is a defense to criminal charges based on the idea that the defendant was unable to understand what he was doing, or, that he was unable to understand that what he was doing was wrong.

  8. Be careful about showing your ignorance. An MD is a Medical Doctor. A PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy. A DC is a Doctor of Chiropractic. A DO is a Doctor of Osteopathy. A JD is a Doctor of Juris Prudence, etc. They are ALL addressed as Doctor except the lawyers who all have a JD. There are also honorary doctorates bestowed on those who have all the knowledge through life experiences. Jill Biden has an EARNED EdD which is a Doctor of Education. GIVE HONOR WHERE HONOR IS DUE.

  9. Can we all REAL-EYS that the left and right are the same? Nothing ever effing changes. Government is theft, made legal… at least to them and all beLIEvers. You really think this plandemic would have been dealt with differently under another party? Cognitive dissonance abound. There are 2 mental disorders that have been glaringly apparent in 2020 and continuing in 2021… Stockholm syndrome and Munchausen by-proxy.

  10. Biden is on public record asking for your vote promising "peace, security and unity' under his administration. God's answer to that:
    'For when they shall say, PEACE and safety, SUDDEN DESTRUCTION cometh upon them…..AND THEY SHALL NOT ESCAPE". Thess. 5:3.
    It is easy to see after examining the law of cause and effect, how this prophecy can be fulfilled. It is obvious that Biden and associates are proven to be so anti-Christian and out to totally destroy anything representing Christian values, that God will have no other choice than to see to their ultimate destruction. We believe the dye is cast and the Democrats and their supporters will find they have no escape from God's judgments. Pity those who fell into the Biden trap. Their short-sightedness blinded them from reality: their ears captured the media's left wing version of the news: their brains ceased to function.

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