September 25, 2021


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DAILY | Kenney says no to vax passports, Italians celebrate like it's the before times

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38 thoughts on “DAILY | Kenney says no to vax passports, Italians celebrate like it's the before times

  1. David you blew the interview with Chris Sky! It is time for Rebel to lean a little more to the corruption that is before us, and pick the side of the people who watch you! You are with the people, or your with this Corrupt Gov't. You can't be on the fence with this! Chris Sky is a Patriot who is our fighter for Freedom! I'm with you SKY no matter what! Get it together!

  2. I think we’ve raised the generation in the bubble that have no ability to think. If you look on the former Soviet Union countries no one wears masks and compare this with Canadians. What a difference in critical thinking.

  3. The Covid 19 virus might be a healthy thing to contract because it has removed all the other major causes of death and has only a 00.001 percent chance of killing you.

  4. Can someone explain to me the "logical" reasoning behind vaccine passports? What are they supposed to do exactly? Proof that you have been vaccinated? And what is this "proof" meant to accomplish? As far as I can see, all it is is another "control" mechanism to divide the people even further. It sure isn't going to contribute anything towards "safety". And well, for the "vaccinated" that should not really be a concern now, should it? You are supposed to be "safe", and non-vaccinated people are at risk of catching something from vaccinated people. So, what's all of this really about?

  5. Ok Rebel. JK said exactly what we expected from him. No mandatory vaccination passports to travel etc. Rebel, I expect you to be critical of politicians. However, I think the UCP could invent a way to turn dirt to gold and you would just still say something negative. Rebel, as of right now, I see you are turning into Fox News. IE, you pretend to be conservative, but when it matters, like election time you turn against Conservatives. Stop it.

  6. Our tax dollars are paying for free advertising for the multi billion dollar experimental injection corporations AND paying the costs of the averse effects and deaths from these injections while these corporations face no liability.

  7. There will be some kind of recognized syndrome for people who are afraid to stop wearing face masks. It is like those people who wash their hands constantly because they fear all the bacteria and viruses they touch in normal activities.

  8. You are endangering people by calling the experimental Covid gene therapy agents ‘vaccines’. I know it takes more effort to say ‘experimental gene therapy agents’. Maybe you can abbreviate and call them EGTA’s .

  9. Has Dominion software been removed from your elections? It is still being used in many places in the US especially in ‘blue’ states. The traitors keep getting ‘re-elected’ and boldly betray us.

  10. This B's started when everyone gets a trophy with sports and a" no fail" policy. I deal with this in the workplace all the time. Kudo's to you children are also living on this planet. Oh..and the out while your child kicks you and throws things around the room is a massive failure!

  11. 13:59 – Remind me to stop crossing bridges, fly in a plane, enter a tall building or drive a car when those mathless children start designing items based on feelings.
    Hey David and Sheila, I missed the live stream, but I would have mentioned that possibly the Ont. Gov. is trying to push for more false history and gender studies and less LOGICAL studies.

  12. As if a supervisor at a law firm or in engineering will encourage ' effort" instead of excellence. Seriously. A supervising Rn or Dr. isn't going to clap for effort. Wake up Mummy and Daddies, the world is a tough demanding place. Prepare your children.

  13. All of this and the reason for the intolerant push to vax is pretty much a precursor to the mark of the beast–you cannot buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Sounds familiar doesn't it.

  14. Wild guess all NHL players coming home to Canada did not have to isolate at some hotel, collect a fine and sit home 14 days
    J probably printed full exemptions
    I am so happy I am official US citizens in Florida, It is nice to have actual PC person in charge
    I am surprised girls or women would still compete beside men pretending to be girl. If I be playing to compete I would withdraw from sport
    I am amazed Paul Bernardo did not say I am girl now so I should go to GWI in Kitchener Hopefully females who get raped in women jail will sue and receive millions from CSC to wake CSC up

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