March 8, 2021


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33 thoughts on “DAILY | Liberal Blurts $250k Salary on Hot Mic, Trudeau Isn't Going To Behead You

  1. Was it Eve, or was the story written (the bible has been rewritten many many times) to squash the feminine power which is needed to have balance. Without it, we have a world that we live in now. Men have feminine energy and woman have masculine energy. Woman's lib did its best to destroy the truth of feminine power, probably a George Soros funded movement. It was just trying to prove women could be better than men. Too bad so many fell for it. Even in jest we reinforce a false truth – tell the lie long enough and it will be believed as true. Thank you for all the good work you do!

  2. If it's overturned for Trump the Demson-Rats will insist Trump stole the election and they are already saying Trump is stealing the election. This is a fraudian admission because they were saying Trump was trying to steal the election and now the MSM is saying Trump IS stealing the election. ANTIFA will go nuts and this is probably why Trump just signed the latest executive order switching special forces directly under his control. This changeover was started 30 years ago and given the go by Trump in 2017 and is now executed. This bypasses the stupid Generals and the Pentagon. With the latest order to arrest foreign or domestic individuals who interfere in a US election. It's straight to GITMO.

  3. really enjoy the banter! back in the early 80s, we had Sunday shopping laws in bc. you went into London drugs and they had the magazines and small appliances caged off. they gonna do that again?

  4. Why just this one company? If you follow the paper money trail it will most likely lead to George Soros. This explains why Soros met with Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau a while back. Trudeau seemed to be budy budy with Soros. Hmmmmm. Canadian owned Dominion? or is it owned by Soros. Then the data sent to Germany? What could go wrong? Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

  5. The Government gunding all the news media is a communist takeover of the newspapers. they are now beholden to never say anything negative about Trudeau or their funding will be cut. This is communism takeover of the Government with Trudeau leader of the communist party.

  6. Any and ALL Government makes self-protection ITS' first priority, which is accomplished by extorting residents money and using it to grow their "make work" budgets and related "systems" of control.

    As for the petty "Griffin" bit. As inconsequential as whatever the SJW issue might be, we would do well to remember that these symbols, badges, patches, costumes, armour, scale of weaponry, adding military "styled" or "scaled" motorized armament WILL HAVE A PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT on the individual costumed man or woman to which it is issued and/or utilized – which more often than not is the MISGUIDED belief they are SUPERIOR to anyone they have been ORDERED to confront… including you, the current reader (emphasis on ORDERED as in being mindless "ORDER FOLLOWERS" – and that his ALL any costumed yahoo, bearing a badge and brandishing a plastic gun [the Glock] is folk). Treat them as such (an "equal"… or less as defined by their moral – or more often than not – "Immoral" conduct and aggressive behaviour that surpasses that of most "assailants").

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