May 14, 2021


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32 thoughts on “Daily Mail Prints Outrageous Pedo Lies About Sargon

  1. The dailey mail was full of creeps and drunks, for years…..ufo's and page 3 tit pix were their stock in trade product….rape advocacy being their purpose and all.i'm pretty sure most people know about the ancient Greeks….and the Romans…..devients have used roman orgies as an exuse for the entire gay scene for years

  2. jeez this is unbelievable… wow… the daily mail is one of those tabloids found at checkout lines right? But even for one of those, this is beyond the pale…. i hope you sue these scum. And its kind of crazy that they are lying like this when the libel laws are so strict in the UK…

  3. This becomes even more hilarious when you think back to when Corey Feldman came out publicly and stated Hollywood is rampant with pedos. The media ignored him and swept it under the rug. But one thot model gets her tiny tit grabbed and it started an entire movement. Hmm.

    Then that same media that ignored Corey and all of the accusations of pedos in Hollywood and flat out defended James Gunn suddenly care about people making pedo jokes? Jesus the hypocrisy.

  4. So they literally stitched together a "quote" from multiple videos and points of those videos as it was a single thing he said. How the fuck are they allowed to do this, seriously. This is so far above slander that it's not even funny.

  5. The Daily Mail needs to be taken out of business and put on trial…….. The Daily Mail should face charges for inciting racial hatred after their disgusting report about the Syrian schoolboy 'Waterboarding Incident' ……… Because of their gutter journalism, the family of the bully received death threats, rape threats and acid attack threats……. Where are the police?…… Where is the CPS?…… Oh yes…… the police and CPS have become politicised in todays Totalitarian State of the United Kingdom!

  6. Daily mail is going to be funding Sargons campaign it seems given that they’ve just handed him a free pass to sue the ever loving shit out of them.

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