May 14, 2021


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43 thoughts on “DAILY | Pastor Coates (Exclusive updates!)

  1. Wow! I thought you guys were too big to do that.. I guess these asshats are too powerful to care what the viewer wants to watch anymore.

  2. It's a sad day in Canada with all the cancel culture and the ongoing and systemic erosion of our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press… So Very Sad… When are the good people of Canada going to rise up against this tyranny and oppression?!? I will continue to watch Rebel News on the other platforms it decides to use, but I won't be able to make any more comments, as I can't keep up or wish to sign up on every platform as I just can't watch or monitor all of them..!

  3. ✨🇺🇸 Formulation of CrowdsourcetheTruth Journalisms a Natural Procession Of Crowd Fundings, is an unstoppable Formula to retire & then Rewire the False Mockingbirds Media, This is why the Mockingbirds & Presstitutes Will Fight Dirty, as they been Wounded by a Deadly Reality their Dishonesties have caught up with their Voided Personal Integrity & Glaring Dishonesties👌

  4. So far the only win (I know of) has gone to Chris at a Warrior Calls. It was his knowledge of common-law that helped Adam Skelly get the charges against him thrown out, as well as being awarded costs (according to Skelly). Not a single fine has been overturned via The Rebel's strategy. All they've done is crowd-source a bunch of law firms to engage in legal paper-pushing with no actual victories. Every single case where the charges were dropped by the Prosecution can be refiled at a later date. And who's paying for all that crowd-sourcing? Rebel subscribers.

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