May 8, 2021


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DAILY | Pastor James' Bail Hearing, COVID Hotel in Montreal

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42 thoughts on “DAILY | Pastor James' Bail Hearing, COVID Hotel in Montreal

  1. theres a definate problem in this country. Several senators in the states refused Bidens proposals and opened up states. CSIS said China has infiltrated this country immensly

  2. red cross thats disgusting. My was special service world war 2 and red cross was a compasionate organization before and worked along side working ahead and waiting for front line.

  3. My riding is liberal and i removed from the group sites where he holds a weekly conversation of nonsense Michael Garron and Health Department and virus stab and curbside pickup and if don't lockdowns your booted off

  4. David you know the problem with metro cops has gone on for years. They enter court houses like they run them and most of the time they aren't prepared and then I believe metro hires low educated police from the college on the Lakeshore where they attend but aren't present.

  5. just the description of the actions of the health department and mainstream media and bi law and cops in ditches etc. Sounds and smells communist. Same way they crucified jesus

  6. Hey you guys, would you please help promote Maxime Bernier and The People's Party of Canada. I believe that Max and the PPC are the only ones that are like Rebel News, you both care about the Canadian people and Canada. Together you folks can and will make a lot of in roads to the votes needed to rid Canada of the likes of Justin Trudeau, Erin O'Toole (The Tool), the NDP and the Green party's who just don't care about Canada and its people.!

  7. Cops have become the enemies of freedom. If they carry out the enforcement of bureaucratic edicts that are against the Charter of Rights then they are against the people they are supposed to be protecting. They are consciously choosing the side of tyranny just as the police officers did in Hitler's Germany , they became the Gestopo. Just as Pastor James Coates had to make a decision on wether he was going to comply to what amounted to an unlawful edict , these officers also have a responsibility to make what they know is the true lawful and moral decision. The politicians and bureaucrates are drunk with power and have no intention of giving up that power. They will just seek to increase it as they already have been doing. And every time these officers comply with these tyrants they enable the taking of more freedom from the people , people which also happens to be their own children and families.

  8. If you dont know the truth about this pandemic yet then go over to facebook. Search for UK Column
    Org. Select posts. Scroll down until you find the article written about German Trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. He has so much data that this is likely to turn into Nuremburg trial. Crimes against humanity. All the players involved.
    As look up Rocco Galati who is fighting for Canadians and collaborating with Fuellmich as well as lawyers from around the world.

  9. A genuinely deady pandemic doesn't require a 24/7 government ad campaign to remind you about it. ✝️❤🌐 C0py & Sh4r3 ☆✝️☆ If it was a real pandemic, Global wouldn't have news releases every other day desperately trying to convince everyone that it's not a hoax.

  10. Love watching your show. Keep up the good work. Only place we can get the real side of the snake tongued political lingo entailed in mainstream news. Thanks for the hard work

  11. Wurmbrandt-
    Pastor in Romania under communist rule…

    “We had an agreement, I preach and they beat me; they were happy and I was happy”

    Stay strong Pastors! God is making you useful and using you for His Glory as witnesses!

    Just wait and watch what God will do!

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