May 14, 2021


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DAILY | Tamil Tigers in Toronto! Updates on Religious Freedom in Canada

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Rebel News Daily 12pm ET with David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story. for more great …


39 thoughts on “DAILY | Tamil Tigers in Toronto! Updates on Religious Freedom in Canada

  1. Tamil tigers were defeated back I'm 2009 and no longer exist. They are not a terrorist organization despite being listed as one in over 30 countries. They are an organization that fought for tamils to ensure they receive and entitled to basic human rights and freedoms from the genocidal state of srilanka. Tamils all over the world support the tigers because of this. The tigers did what the world refused to do, protect tamils. If you call that terrorism then all the power to you.


    Trudeau leaked letter Oct 14 2020.
    Please read and take note of the now
    **  7 **** out of 12
    predictions that have so far come true since October 14, 2020.
    This road map was created by World Health Organization and being implemented by Prime Minister Trudeau but is currently being administered and enforced in conjunction with all levels of governments Federal, provincial and municipal and being enforced by all levels of police departments, bylaw officers as follows:
     1) * 2nd full lockdown began *
     2020 – Phase in secondary lock down restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward.
    ** Expected by November 2020. *
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    *FACT***– happened**  November  27th 2020 and still ongoing as of March 2021– -(TORONTO  PEEL  WINDSOR ESSEX)
     2) * covid-19 jails **
    Rush the acquisition of (or construction of) isolation facilities across every province and territory. (FEDERAL Minimum security prisons ).
    **Expected by December 2020. 
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    *FACT***– happened** – federally – sub contracted China owned motels in GTA AREA.
    (ANNOUNCED NOVEMBER 2020 by rebel and is in full use as of march 14, 2021 with over 5000 occupancy so far .
     3)  **cases cases cases **
    Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including increases in COVID related deaths following the same growth curves. Expected by end of November 2020.
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    ***FACT** – ONGOING – from September 2020 to march  2021 with the onslaught of cold and flu season so was there a huge influx of cases cases cases that played into the hands of the goverments appointed 'medical officers of health' to recommend lockdowns lockdowns lockdowns. 
    4)  **full secondary lockdown provincially**
    End of 2020. Complete and total secondary lock down (much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions). 
    **Expected by end of December 2020 
    – supposedly to early January 2021. 
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    *FACT*– happened-provincially –Ontario 
    DECEMBER 26TH TO at February 16 2021) full provincial lockdown. 
    Note: Currently all levels of appointed  'MEDICAL OFFICERS OF HEALTH' (aka. Canada's "top doctors") 
    are feverishly lobbying  using "fear mongering " to at all levels of government attempting to put the entire province of Ontario back  into a  'indefinite' "full" lockdown status for their own gain. 
    Under the 'threat' that the variances 'may' be more lethal than their actual mother virus "Covid-19. " fear mongering " 
    5)  ***universal basic income program ***
     Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program. 
    **Expected by Q1 2021.
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    **FACT ****– ** CTV News just reported 
    3-13-2021***Liberal MPs, grassroots to push for universal basic income at party convention
    Published March 13, 2021 7:25 a.m. ET.
    6)   Projected COVID-19 mutation ****VARIATION***(ANNOUNCED IN UK DECEMBER 20TH 2020) then Brazil and south Africa…and/or co-infection with secondary virus (to become referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. 
    Expected by February 2021.
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    *FACT*  –  February 2021 – all media reports stating  cases of UK , BRAZILIAN AND SOUTH AFRICA variances are reported all across Canada  and note 2-13-2021 New Foundland is in lockdown again because of fear of it.
    The USA media as of march 2021 has reported that there are cases cases cases of uk, BRAZILIAN  and south Africa variance all over the USA. 
    Ontario and regionally websites reporting few  uk cases.
    But no deaths attributed to this new mutation. 
    7)   Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical care facilities capacity. 
    **Expected Q1 – Q2 2021. JANUARY-MARCH 2021
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    PLAUSIBLE – * Could very well happen *
    Note: all current Appointed beaurocrate top medical officers (appointed politicians with a medical degree) and all mainstream media outlets have been trying to scew the truth about this for months.
    8)***  partial martial law -begins *
    Enhanced lock down restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. BY RCMP OPP AND ALL OTHER POILICE FORCES. Full travel restrictions will be imposed (including inter-province and inter-city). **Expected Q2 2021. 
    APRIL 2021 TO JUNE 2021**
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    FACT – 
    ***NOTE ground work HAS BEEN OUT laid by Premier ford  12-26-2020 lockdown speech 
    ***2-14-2021 SUBBURY mayor stated he's asking for
    The following:
    Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger is formally requesting province set up what he called “awareness checkpoints” on Highway 69 to discourage travel into and out of the North as part of efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 and new variants of the virus that causes it. 
    9) * START*** Transitioning of individuals into the universal basic income program. 
    Expected mid Q2 2021. April-June 2021
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    PLAUSIBLE – could very well happen . 
    February 2021 already reported over 200000 small businesses will never reopen again due to the draconian lockdown measures. 
    10) *  Projected supply chain break downs,*** inventory shortages, large economic instability. 
    **Expected late Q2 2021. April-June 2021
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    PLAUSIBLE – could very well happen.
    February 2021. Former prime minister Harper quoted as forecasting "major financial crises coming for Canada "
    11) * full MARTIAL law *
    FEDERAL Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints. Restrict travel and movement. Provide logistical support to the area.
     **Expected by Q3 2021. JULY-SEPTEMBER 2021
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    Very PLAUSIBLE – Federal  – 
    12)   Along with that provided road map the Strategic Planning committee was asked to design an effective way of transitioning Canadians to meet a unprecedented economic endeavor. One that would change the face of Canada and forever alter the lives of Canadians. What we were told was that in order to offset what was essentially an economic collapse on a international scale, that the federal government was going to offer Canadians a total debt relief.
    This is how it works: the federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc) which all funding will be provided
    to Canada by the IMF (In which current Canada finance minister chrystia Freeland is the chair person of) under what will become known as the World Debt Reset program. In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever. The individual would also have to agree to partake in the COVID-19 and COVID-21 vaccination schedule, which would provide the individual with unrestricted travel and unrestricted living even under a full lock down (through the use of photo identification referred to as Canada’s HealthPass) .
    Committee members asked who would become the owner of the forfeited property and assets in that scenario and what would happen to lenders or financial institutions, we were simply told “the World Debt Reset program will handle all of the details”. Several committee members also questioned what would happen to individuals if they refused to participate in the World Debt Reset program, or the HealthPass***( already mentioning of this in February 2021)***, or the vaccination schedule, and the answer we got was very troubling. Essentially we were told it was our duty to make sure we came up with a plan to ensure that this would never happen. We were told it was in the individuals best interest to participate. When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer we were told that those who refused would first live under the lock down restrictions indefinitely. And that over a short period of time as more Canadians transitioned into the debt forgiveness program, the ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities. Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized.
    So as you can imagine after hearing all of this it turned into quite the heated discussion and escalated beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed before. In the end it was implied by the PMO that the whole agenda will move forward no matter who agrees with it or not. That it wont just be Canada but in fact all nations will have similar roadmaps and agendas. That we need to take advantage of the situations before us to promote change on a grander scale for the betterment of everyone. The members who were opposed and ones who brought up key issues that would arise from such a thing were completely ignored. Our opinions and concerns were ignored. We were simply told to just do it.
    All I know is that I don’t like it and I think its going to place Canadians into a dark future. Vancouver, Canada·Posted Today, October 14, 2020
    (Fact, plausible or fiction??)
    ****PLAUSIBLE***/SCARY POSSIBILITY – as of February 14 2021 the ground work is being laid out by all levels of current government.  
    There is currently no opposition governments. On any level. 
    All are supporting the "FEAR MONGERING " NARRATIVE  OF THE Trudeau LIBERALS…march  2021.

  3. Everything you mention are creations to meant to distract the public from the real issue. Issues that are in conflict with our true rights and freedoms in Canada and distract from their real agenda, "Control" Control by way of digital currency to get us all on a traceable system which regulates all finances and ownership of humanity. Sowing the seeds of division is the way you conquer society. these groups are ignorant of mind and have no clue they're being used as pawns and that if government gets their way, non of these special interest groups will have any freedom to speak again lmfao! They're setting their own trap. lollololol

  4. Please don't show clips of The Just-in ! PLEASE !!!
    It will push some of the weak right of the cliff ! (so to speak). I really don't want to stop watching you guys ! But… if you are going to make me look at the so called pm .. im sorry ! Just can't do it anymore !
    Love you guys ! Keep on the trail of truth (reality) !!

  5. odsp Ontario diability suppot probram=odsp in the summer of 2020 the gov gave 100 cdn to the people on osdp if you did not know and call after you were not given anything or if you we're late like missed the first two months one still never even got the back pay of 100cdn.

  6. Thank you Sheila! Don't hold back. You said it as it was. Alicia has every right to feel aggrieved. These people are cruel to the point of being psychotic. How sadistic. Time we put the foot down and refuse to acquiesce any more.

  7. Black Lives Matters is a racist organization and that is a strategic feature of their Marxist groupthink. Note even worth having a public 'conversation' about their garbage. They hijacked the 'black race' and spits on the very notion of anti-racism as some sort of hateful neturality. It is a pose and not a true belief. The Marxism is the deeper motivator in that organization. But it helps their 'cause' that they can hoodwink some very, very, very naive people of all 'races'.

  8. Sheila Gunn and the Hemorrhoid, this is how an American like me gets insight on Canada. My state borders Canada so I'm waiting for the nonsense to trickle South

  9. Tyranny: noun, plural tyr·an·nies.

    arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority. Check

    the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler. Check

    a state ruled by a tyrant or absolute ruler. Check

    oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler. Check

    undue severity or harshness. Check

    a cruel or harsh act or proceeding; an arbitrary, oppressive, or tyrannical action. Check

  10. I feel like older men can only rock the fedora, keep that look David.
    You look so classicaly gangster when you make cops runaway, keep it up!

  11. Not only does the CBC turn off the comment section, but YouTube changes the ratings. I had a page open to see people's reaction to Dr. Tam's assessment of the Covid situation "one year later". The dislikes magically went from 808 to 717, then the downs were at 1,7 K, but now it seems the downs are stabilizing at 1,6 K. That's a lot of people changing their minds about one video! The CBC doesn't want people to see how much they are disliked and how much we do NOT trust the medical bioterrorist bureaucracy in this country.

  12. Because countries like India Africa etc with massive populations of dual Canadian citizens wanted back to Canada for Healthcare. They can access benefits electronically and live out of Canada up to 6 months.

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