April 11, 2021


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Dave Rubin: the next Governor of California?

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27 thoughts on “Dave Rubin: the next Governor of California?

  1. Please consider interviewing Kevin Kiley, Major Williams, etc as we need more than what MSM is allowing us to hear. Any and all possible candidates need to have their voices heard so we can be informed voters!

  2. I follow Dave since a couple of years now. I love his stances, his class and his way of thinking.
    Being a member of the intellectual dark web tells me that he's searching for the truth, wherever it lies, thinks independently for himself and is willing to change is his minds if he meets new great ideas on his path while trying to be as fair and just as possible to anyone. That's exactly what any political figure running for any office should do. He would be a perfect governor for California in my non californian mind. I hope he does it and wins.

  3. Greetings from locked-down California. I signed the recall petition knowing that no strong candidates have come forth yet to replace our current Governor & Prissy Little Pud, Gavin Newsom. In the recall election I will vote for any candidate who comes forward and promises an IMMEDIATE end to lockdown madness. Any candidate who appears on stage wearing a mask can go to Hell.

  4. Dave Rubin …You'd be the man Cali needs right now in history. You were brought to this time and space in History to show up and put your best ideas. In action. Like DeSantis in Florida….
    It's a sacrifice well worth the taking regardless of the outcome,its the trying that we all need to be involved in against this monsterous tyrrany!
    Men like you are far and few between…Now N.Y. needs to radically recall Cuomo!
    Many blessings!

  5. Oh for fucks sake 🤡

    Alternative title: how the IDW realised I was an intellectual and political windsock with no substance and ditched me.

    The most honest thing I’ve heard Rubin say in the last two years is the reason he won’t move to Texas; they aren’t as liberal as CA when it comes to gay adoption/surrogacy

    Ruben has boxed him self in, painted himself into a corner.

    YouTube channel Rebel Wisdom has dipped into the Rubin mutation quite a lot

    Sam Harris, Bret and Eric Weinstein, and Joe Rogan have done nothing publicly with Rubin for perhaps 18months now.

    Rubin’s last appearance on Rogan was a car crash and frankly embarrassing for Dave. Joe has been blanking him since.

    Both Bret and Eric have discussed Rubin and his path in interviews with David Fuller from Rebel Wisdom, and Fullers interview with Rubin himself is telling. He’s very defensive and either flat out lies to David’s face at one point, or doesn’t remember the content on his own channel.

    Rubin went down the path of grifty audience capture, both I think intentionally and somewhat organically. Eric talks about this.

    Bret and Rebel Wisdom https://youtu.be/WigprYZPaLc

    Eric and Rebel Wisdom https://youtu.be/GGtWwln491U

    Rubin and Rebel Wisdom https://youtu.be/I9mCNoJLnKQ

    Rubin saying Joe is blanking him https://twitter.com/ClipsDave/status/1276563243582906368?s=20

    Supercut of Rubin/Rogan situation https://youtu.be/e_zPaFa4y3U

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