April 20, 2021


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Dave Rubin: why the 'Intellectual Dark Web' split up

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45 thoughts on “Dave Rubin: why the 'Intellectual Dark Web' split up

  1. Jesus, your list of liberal elite criticisms of Trump at 10:25 strikes me as glib and puerile. Have you really not noticed objections to his character? The lying, the self-centeredness and the total lack of empathy? Last doorkeeper to conservative values, my ass. That he's a sociopath with power is the salient objection, and mine.

  2. Trump really was the last chance. I get really p!ssed off that people like Eric Weinstein are still disparaging him, not realising the Dems are orders of magnitude more dangerous than Trump ever was. You'd have to blind not to see Biden was never going to be in control of a Dem Presidency, much less Congress. Now we see even the military and police in the US have swung far left, an unheard of situation. And where the US goes, a lot of countries follow.

  3. I like Ruben. I too used to be a Bernie supporting lefty but I’ve since realized the lies and corruption the left uses to minipulate the masses. The right isn’t without fault either but the lesser of two evils right now.

  4. Two rational people having a rational conversation. Quite refreshing after watching preaching Woke warriors on places like CNN and PBS.

  5. The first 6 minutes of this podcast demonstrate precisely why none of the IDW “Avengers” talk to this guy anymore. Has he really just deluded himself into thinking he is some kind of genuine thought leader and courageous social commentator? He can’t be that clueless, right? Or is he just an opportunist who is manipulating the narrative to benefit himself and his rapidly disintegrating career?

    The fact that he considers himself to be one of the “Avengers” of the IDW is just hilarious. Seriously Dave, are you really putting yourself on par with the likes of Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and Eric Weinstein? 😄🤦🏽‍♂️. It’s kinda sad to watch someone be that self-deluded.

    He was basically the rich kid that none of the other kids really like but who has a PlayStation and basketball court so the other kids pretend to be friends with him so they can have somewhere to hang out. The fact that he still has a platform and is taken seriously by anyone is mind-boggling to me.

  6. Dave also speaks to rational critically thinking liberals who lean more toward liberty than to authority. I relate strongly to him as a classical liberal who now has no home.

  7. left and right identities are the tools to disenfranchise. people are individuals with individual thoughts. watch debates between same party members of each side, they are vicious to one another. just vote for certain groups of legacy wealth families so you are not kidding yourself.

  8. He is all over the map and doesn’t really say anything…weird…..firstly there is no such thing as the UK or USA these are names used to blindside people into thinking that there is such a thing as a cohesive entity known by these names… if you look closely you will see there is no such thing. Everywhere on the planet there are people going about their business, surviving, enjoying family, feeding themselves….. the rest of the nonsense is what the 1% are engaging in…. things called UK or USA totally meaningless activity….. The people like those involved in the game playing and then wanting people to choose to follow their belief , people like Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro are just people with huge egos that are exploding into the universe, imaging that they have it all figured out. It is necessary at this time to change our language and understand that words like FIGHT reflect a belief that this is how to make change… change making begins with TRUTH and truth is scary as most people live lives of nontruth… for example many people have created an image of themselves that they then keep propped up and demand that others go along with … for instance… let’s say.. I am a fantastic parent and how this is portrayed becomes the stories…… my child is an A student, very popular, and excellent in sports… this is because I have provided all the opportunities that have allowed for this… when in reality this is a parent who never goes to a game, is on their phone all the time, is busy in business, buys all the toys for their family, speaks rudely to people whenever , engages in business ventures that create poverty for other people and so on…. So having said this ask yourself how prepared is this person to engage in truthfulness…. doesn’t happen. So the greatest efforts we need to make is to provide spaces for people to becomes truthful….

  9. A bunch of cunts calling themselves intellectual dark web members. Deliciously funny. Unherd is far more intellectual and most important honest than the rest of these self-worshiping cult members.

  10. Rubin can sometimes talk a good game but besides being a lightweight he's a total hypocrite on the specific 'principles' he built his new media brand on.

    His YouTube channel was The First I found myself shadow banned on, the discovery of which was made on the video he did with the former head of the ACLU Nadine Strossen called 'Hate Speech, Free Speech & the Threat of Censorship'.

    & why was I censored? Probably because I asked, 'why, given that he spoke against identity politics and black, white and trans lobby & pressure groups operating for their narrow factions rather than genera principles when he, as repeatedly explicitly self identifying 'Gay Jew', never speaks on the far older and more successfully influential Gay and Jewish lobby and pressure groups doing the same, blazing the trail and setting the example?'

  11. We want to out the truth. A clear point of view. A clear line of thinking. Not some infantile point scoring fest. We have politicians and traditional journalists for that. Rebel wisdom has got it wrong.

  12. Stop taking sides. That is the only bloody solution that works. That was always the solution that would have worked IF people actually did it. But people never tried that. Not even once in the whole history of humans.

  13. Folks like Alan Dershowitz and Scott Adams are more credible than Dave Rubin because they will push back on their audiences in public, with some regularity.

  14. Never figured out where Rubin came from or how he got where he is, but I saw some of his interviews and liked most of them. Sure, there are issues on which I don't agree with him, but he seems quite rational and balanced. Anyway, bottom line is, you can never expect to agree all the time on all issues with everybody, but at least we should be able to talk and discuss in a civilized manner. Good job, guys.

  15. people who watch Unherd or the Rubin report easily forgets how many people out there are 100% brainwashed by traditional media. you may disagree with or dislike some of the alternative content but oh boy we are miles ahead in terms of digesting a healthy diet of information.
    at the end of the day it is impossible not to watch/hear what mass media produces – we always hear multiple sides to arguments and have access to guests who are never invited by BBC/CNN etc –

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