44 thoughts on “David Icke on How to Take Control of Your Life”
  1. I don't care what ppl think of me but that is still feel different when you have hundreds of people stirring at you that people look up to you for advice or something that different

  2. I don't care what ppl think of me but that is still feel different when you have hundreds of people stirring at you that people look up to you for advice or something that different

  3. I use to try to fit that mole until one day came and I stopped being what people expected me to be, because it wasn't me. I embraced my true self and being free feels amazing. Most people respect me and a few others don't like me, but "f" them.

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  5. David-

    Since you've been censored from YouTube I have become slightly depressed, even though your topics were, not exactly glee producing……I found your delivery of the real news very comforting in some strange way. You are an extremely special person, many people know this. I suspect even though your lizard talk was dismissed by most….I am still interested in it and willing to listen and learn. I don't really understand, yet.

    I think YouTube may have dismissed you when you started in about the Frankists. The ones at the top do not want to be revealed. What do you think?

    How are you? Wishing you the best and thank you for waking me up. You actually are one of the most influential people in my life. I guess that is why you fill seats at your lectures, people want to be close to you. You have that special energy.

  6. Attention: THERE ARE EXEMPTIONS TO MASK MANDATES AND THE GREAT NEWS U ALL QUALIFY. 76 MILLION AMERICANS HAVE ASTHMA OR OTHER RESPIRATORY ILLNESS AND EXEMPT FROM MASKS! Furthermore, it’s illegal For them to ask you what medical condition you have. It’s a violation of the disabilities act, a violation of your human rights, and a violation of HIPPA

  7. David Icke is one of the great Truth Tellers of our generation. I own at least 7 of his books. I have read and read them many times. I am now choosing some of his videos to display some old videos as an example of how censorship works and how history is rewritten at the same time….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFdY7juY0X8
    I made a comment under this video and don't know how long it will be there before it disappears like other comments I make that differs with the Official Narrative on various issues and videos I share. But the video is a perfect example of how a messenger/whistle blower is discredited even if , like Dr. Wakefield, he is vindicated all the way to the High Court. The controlled opposition STILL repors AS IF that part of history never happened. They do this on every issue that someone credentialed blows the whistle on and succeeds. They are still working to discredit those who are speaking out about the hoax covid-19 shut -down . Today I was approached in a grocery chain and told I had to wear my mask. My cart was already full of groceries. I had to hurry to the checkout with the mask on so I could get out of there before I felt faint . which I do get if I wear the mask more than 5 minutes. I am so angry, I rushed right home and began a renewed effort to share even more links . Humanity has nothing left to lose so what are so many of you doing posting so many short sound bites in your comments. We all know how unreasonable is this latest mandate to remain distanced and wear the mask . What we need to do is share more of the links I know most of us have bookmarked. Some of the ones I have have been deleted already. So this censoring Bull Shit is happening faster and faster. Here's a link that has many issues it exposes with many videos some of which have been deleted…. http://www.expose1933.com/ but we must share these links . How else can More people be informed and learn the truth about a wide range of ways we are being destroyed.? Come on, people, knowledge is powere. Share links. We have nothing left to lose…."they" (the 1% ruling bloodlines) are killing us.

  8. Don't worry folks, nothing of what David Icke tells you will concern any of us ordinary people. He obviously only speaks for the Freemasons and the wealthy. Ordinary people are dying because of crime right this moment and this happens under the cover of ongoing conspiracy theories.

  9. Please people wake up and tune into dr vernon Coleman’s channel and website before they take it down. He has no ads or sponsors. He is a long standing medical dr for 50yrs.

  10. DAVID ICKE NETH WORTH IS 10.000.000 dollar.

    I see no reason for him to stop telling these crazy stories and lies to gullable people who will support him no mather what.
    I AINT SAYING you are less than me if you believe his stories.. We are equel no more or less than others

    David icke has alot to gain by speaking the "truth"

  11. Some people can't believe that you dare to have a different perspective from theirs and then attempt to drag you down to their perspective and then when you refuse to go to their reality comes the ridicule, they are under the impression that you should give a toss about what they think, it's total fixed mindset and totally hilarious and very sad too

  12. Wow that's my.daily live, wow wow wow I still need to fix some stuff but yes I am that type of guy that has no stop when it comes to speak say and act about situations in life and when it comes to that I fill fulfill.

  13. Unfortunately I am seeing less and less David Icke, The Crowhouse, and A Call for an Uprising videos on YouTube. Actually I am seeing many debunking them – that includes debunking London Real.
    So it starts- the outlawing of free speech.
    Here in Australia a group called TheSumOfUs are sending emails for people to sign to get fb to stop certain groups from spreading the “ misinformation” about – population control; the dangers of wearing masks and getting vaccines; and calling Covid-19 a hoax.
    They claim to have experts and Responsible Technology Australia as their supports?
    They are asking for :
    1. A live list of viral posts
    2. A Circuit Breaker.
    I was furious. Nick Haines who is probably AI or an alias set this up.
    Here comes “ The Ministry of Truth” to silence us. How dare they!!!

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