July 24, 2021


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Dealing with a Narcissist – with JP Sears

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20 thoughts on “Dealing with a Narcissist – with JP Sears

  1. I just learned who you are last week and I have been watching several of your videos a day. I was pleased last night when I came across these types of videos. I am clinically diagnosed narcissist and I am working to be the best version of that possible. My wife is "pathetic" and we have been kicking the idea of divorce, because I go to therapy and she doesn't. I will share this video with her in the hopes she will be enlightened to getting help as well. Thank you JP! If you have the time I also make some YouTube videos in which you may find some excellent narcissist's moments awaiting you.

  2. I wish more videos on Narcs were like this. Like the expression it takes two to tango. I wish more videos would elaborate on the patheticness side of things. I don't necessarily think that they are a perfect match it's more like a previous Narc conditions and so that's all the pathetic ones are used to. Comfortably uncomfortable. People are creatures of habit (bad and good habits). Sounds more to me that they are not perfect for each other but that it is an addiction brought on by not facing themselves and not understanding how to love themselves. People are way too lazy to put in the self work, not honest enough to accept the "not so good parts" and good parts of themselves, not accustomed to accountability, more inclined to be emotional than logical in virtually every experience in their life (what I mean by this is it is my belief that thoughts and feelings both have their place it is a matter of perspective based on adaptability of any given situation. So you use thoughts to solve puzzles and problems to get past them in an objective sense. You use emotions to vent, complain, feel love for yourself and others, empathize with another, find those things within us that identify, validate, and reinforce personal boundaries, and a variety of other things that are on a subjective nature. The problem is when people feel through objective scenarios and think through subjective scenarios. Basically it is my belief that people get their wires crossed and then wonder why they are stuck in a loop of insanity that turns into impenetrable self destructive behaviors or mindsets due to external or self conditioning due to external stimulus manifesting in bad habits.), they don't put cause and effect as the compass to their decisions in life, they don't see that being strong coincides with vulnerability (hint: vulnerability is what allows us to empathize with others and ourselves which if channeled right gains perspective and gains knowledge about other people and ourselves.), and they are too scared to rock the boat because of societal norms (when does complacency and ignoring problems ever get us anywhere in life? These two concepts are why we are in the mess we are in now currently in this country. 2020 is definitely a product of sweeping things under the rug and lack of accountability personally and externally. cough cough corruption, cough cough media and what it has done to make this country mentally ill) I personally feel that many people are repressed because of this notion of emotional constipation as I term it. We are taught to not be ourselves for the sake of other's happiness and feelings. Truth is is that it is not our job to make people happy. That is always a recipe for disaster because you ignore yourself and no matter how much you try you can NEVER EVER make everyone happy no matter how much you try. It's about as useful as a fish trying to climb a tree. That doesn't mean don't be respectful and to be an asshole. No it just means that you can't save anyone but yourself. You can help others but only you can save yourself. It's all about balance. Look at all you have in life and what you seek. Only accept those things that add to your life and only get involved with things if it of a symbiotic nature otherwise the emotional constipation is going to add up causing stress and dysfunction in your life and then you will keep being and manifesting the negativity in your life and others.

  3. My journey with a violent narcisist Made me grow up and discover my real self underneath all my fake believes. I was born again and got the chance to reconstruct myself, it was in my deepest despair that I found the light. Be courageous and take your life back!

  4. I think what you said is spot on, I would only emphasize that it is our emotional intelligence- our vulnerability, our sensitiveness, and our ability to think with our heart, that awakens us to who and what we are- a divine being- and that is proof of our importance.

  5. You're not pathetic if you recognise the narcissist after the grooming period. And then you leave.
    I'm a rescuer. Very empathetic. Big flashing light on my head says "Narcissists welcome. All applications considered." But now it's false advertising. I don't have the energy anymore. Because I chose to rescue people who need it. I travel to another country and volunteer helping refugees. I'm good at it. And the world needs rescuers because there is a plague called selfishness on this planet. So I don't accept that being a rescuer is disempowering. Not at all.

  6. I completely and willingly let him have my life and my wants and needs. I did throw myself under the bus and I sacrificed myself, which at the time felt like what real “love” was. Every time he changed his expectations of me, I changed to for into his box. Very very stupid of me. Absolutely miserable.

  7. Ten years with one. Been free for four years and I am so glad. I genuinely didn’t know abuse was anything other than physical. I thought I could love him through and one day he would wake up and realize how good he had it. Big mistake. After we finally FINALLY split… people would meet me and ask what I liked to do for fun and I thought “you know, I have no idea…” and then I set out on the journey to truly find myself and who I am. She is a bad ass and will never ever go through that again.

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