April 22, 2021


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Debate: are vaccine passports a necessary evil?

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49 thoughts on “Debate: are vaccine passports a necessary evil?

  1. Lol 19:30 – "no, I don't think it is" what a COMPLETE LIAR. Even if you AGREE with the measures for safety, YES, it's OBVIOUSLY happening is such a way that it DOES.

    Lol are you f'n kidding me?

    And NO, it's NOT deadly, any more than OLD AGE is deadly.

    What a joke.

  2. Surely the argument is that if the most vulnerable have had the vaccine, they are protected. The right to chose, particularly, when there is a risk from the vaccines that some cannot subject themselves to. As far as Tony Blair, his record over Iraq is not the basis of any credibility in relation to matters relating to humanity.

  3. Tried my very best, I really did. But after about two or three minutes of Kirsti's schpiel, I had to turn it off. All that's missing is a cartoonish SS officer at the entrance to theaters and football games, yelling "PAPIERE BITTE!"

  4. Many people don’t even realise that his is an experimental jab and has been approved for emergency use only, not by the FDA. I like that you are having a debate about the passports, which in my view, the passport idea is abhorrent. I would now like to see a debate about the experimental drug itself. I do not understand why we even need a vaccine when the recovery rate for covid is so high. I have no answer to why the jab and passport are being pushed, however I’m hearing an awful lot from politicians around the world about build back better and then there are the elites in Davos and their agenda 30. Before taking the jab, people really do need to investigate it and make an informed decision. I live in Canada and many homeless people are being coerced and even paid to have the jab. If it’s that safe I wonder why people are having to be coerced into taking it.

  5. Why "necessary evil"? This is a plandemic – a fake pandemic to introduce the Great Reset. Not watching this. Wrong question – stop all that evil totalitarian stuff immediately.

  6. The point is not whether it is possible or not, but whetherher it is necessary or not. It is not. Covid 19 is not a big problem. The politics based on the unscientific lock down ideology are.

  7. Kirsty Innes was Head of Digital Government for the Tony Blair Institute, that says it all! People like her are a menace to what is left of democracy and fundamental liberties. This pandemic is neither the plague or cholera or other worldwide top killer diseases. What is the real agenda? 😨😱

  8. Unless the “bar code” is implanted on a chip or tattooed somewhere, people will acquire false “passports” on the black market or dark web, or simply borrow their vaccinated friends cell phones. Am I too cynical?

  9. Great debate, thank you all! Don't some examples like Sweden's experience debunk the false dichotomy that the only alternatives to strict lockdowns are vaccinated societies? <3

  10. Apply logic.

    If the vaccines are effective why do we need vaccine passports?
    If the vaccines aren’t effective why do we need vaccine passports?

    These questions aside from the fact that vaccine passports are a basic violation of liberty.

  11. So what this lunatic wants, is a society, where you'll have to stick a needle in your arm every 4 months (to update your vaccine) with experimental vaccines that might kill you (as we've seen with AstraZeneca) . Also, that means we'll never go back to normal. We'll continuously live in this pandemic state of mind. All this for a virus you have a 99,9 chance of surviving, and if you get sick there are several well known, safe drugs that can cure you.
    Utter fucking madness.

  12. The Tony Blair lady had a pretty thankless task here, fair play to her.

    I do not really see too much of a problem with vaccine passports but the anti passport lady made a lot of good points.

  13. The pandemic ended last year. PCR is not a test. It is a method of making hundreds of copies of a harmless piece of viral RNA for research purposes. "New cases" are just people who have one or two tiny bits of an unidentified, dead virus. They are not ill. People who have been ill had seasonal flu, not a "new variant". Viruses are just something we have to live with: there are billions of them. This whole business is nothing but an excuse to exert draconian authority.

  14. Well, isn't Kirsty right on script with Agenda 21, the World Economic Forum, and the B&M Gates Foundation! "The health passport is the only choice we have" – according to you and your coterie of government/corporate tech power-trippers. Thin end of a very big wedge: from "covid security", to your political preferences, to your genome, to all of your buying choices, your medical and psychiatric history, even your very daily movement patterns. The commercial agenda is completely obvious, the governmental opportunities for population control at all levels, including eugenics, are also obvious. What if you happen to have a genome that will enhance your children's chances of certain diseases, some far more deadly than covid, will you be allowed to have children? The worst you can imagine – and more – has already been planned, and if you don't believe that, just watch the insanity of the WEF, recognizing that their YouTube videos represent the tiniest tip of their chilling iceberg. Giving a box of matches to a toddler is stupid; giving unopposed power through data and authoritarian regulations to psychopaths is utterly insane.

  15. No, no, no. I have refused the vaccine. I don't need it. Nobody needs it. This is a minor ailment of no threat to anyone who is not aged and terminally ill already. People allowing themselves to be forced to wear a mask and take a vaccine fill me with rage and despair.

  16. Kirsty is sleepwalking straight into a society that will be practicing full blown discrimination/racism, not by colour but by those people choosing not to have a NON MANDATORY covid vaccination. A vaccination which has NO track record, no idea how long immunity lasts, still no definite figures on transmitability and no claims can ever be made against it in the future. Even if you have had covid, that's not good enough, you still are supposed to be vaxxed. And now we are told there will have to be ANOTHER vaccine programme undertaken in the Autumn. And then probably once per year after that. This is insanity. It has stretched the country and the NHS undertaking the current vax programme to the limit, can we honestly see this happening year after year? Up to 50million people being vaccinated…..Ridiculous.
    Those elderly who already have flu vax once per year can have the covid vaccination at the same time, as anyone else who feels in danger can.
    I am a healthy person and am choosing not to have the vaccination which is an informed decision.
    There was a YouTube video this week of this system being enforced in Israel as the Government made an agreement with Pfizer to do this in return for access to the vaccine. It is horrific, segregation of the worst kind and people are having to wear armbands. Those who have not had the vaccine not being given access to basic amenities not to any cultural sites etc etc.I
    I honestly believe that the unvaccinated section of the population need to begin NOW setting up a WhatsApp group or some other way of staying in touch. We need to begin NOW to resist this nonsense. We need to make our voice heard.

  17. I'd advise anyone who is against this: fight these technocrats wherever you can; they want to turn your smartphone into a ball and chain. Take whatever measures you can; if you're not tech savvy try to disable as much of the tracking as you can and avoid all these smart devices in your home. Getting a dumbphone is a good bet – last year every time I went into a restaurant and pub and they asked me for the contact tracing bs, I whipped out my old nokia and then just filled their paper forms with nonsense.
    If you want to go further, look into calyxOS, GrapheneOS or lineage OS for your phone. Also I highly recommend privacytools website. Good youtubers to watch, techlore and Rob Braxman. We have to shield ourselves from these technocratic lunatics and stop giving them data. It's giving up convenience but that's how they're getting us – more convenient to shop at amazon, more convenient to use google apps, etc etc.

  18. 'We do have a vibrant civil liberties community in this country………'
    Tony could still ignore one million people marching around Trafalgar Square against the Iraqi war.

  19. 33:00 so take a rather less dangerous virus, make a bit fuss about it, put measures in place and when something new will appear that it's at the same level as rush or just slightly slightly higher ( because let be honest, probably 90% of viruses are worse than this) we will start over again because you can't expect from all the viruses not to behave like viruses and the stack bar is really low.

    She told us, there's no out of the woods.

  20. Tony Blair is NOT elected to force this!!!
    If people want to go on holidays ok for , however bugger off , don't want dictatorship. Virus does not kill more than 99.7%. It should not even be described as a ""pandemic ":. This is ridiculous!!!

  21. If you get the vaccine you are still a spreader.
    The elderly wont 'refuse it but we are getting close to those who will and when we hit that wall of refusal we will see the velvet gloves come off and the iron fist will be used.
    No insurance without the vaccine pass I bet will be the first step.

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