April 21, 2021


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Debunking Conquest – History Channel (Peter Woodward)

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32 thoughts on “Debunking Conquest – History Channel (Peter Woodward)

  1. I have studied military history since I can remember. These shows are pure entertainment. That's it! PERIOD. And it's too bad, really. One thing I don't understand is that you, sir, are apologizing to your subscribers and anyone else who watches your videos. Please don't apologize! Anyone with a hint of a brain 🧠 would know what is real and historically accurate, and if anyone wants to know the truth about such armors and weapons, all they have to do is read, read, read. And watch your videos, of course. Please continue being you, Metatron. Continue making these debunked videos. Please! Saluting day Canada.

  2. Bald guy:But hey Mail has it’s uses. Anyone with a little comon sense: Wait wait?? What uses?? It seems like anything you do will destroy that armor?? Bald guy: Weelllll It’s really shiny you see 🤔

  3. I saw the original show on this and I knew right away that that mail was not real armor mail I just knew but wasn't sure and I can't believe I came across this wow hahahahaha that man should should be embarrassed for not knowing I'm speechless

  4. This is a guilty pleasure show of mine. It's sad that when History had it's last gasp of historical content, it was silly stuff like this. Still, it's better than nothing, and Peter Woodward is an entertaining and enthusiastic host.

    I think the reason these shows were popular because no other shows talked about this, or at least not enough. So false information is considered better than no information, especially since they don't know better. Nobody made a film about Scottish history before Braveheart and Rob Roy, so they get all the attention despite the complete fiction. If it's an obscure subject, it's easier to find false narratives than real ones

    This is obviously a low-budget show; there's not enough interest or perceived interest to justify buying real mail. So they use fake mail and so the show gets funded BUT gives a false narrative. It's kinda doomed from the start. But it really shows a disgusting lack of interest in education by the channel by having a ramshackle show like this be the representation. "Eh, it's good enough"

  5. Viking Jarl:"soldier bring me my mail armour"

    Soldier:"but my lord, the mail armour is useless against a spear or a mace"

    Viking Jarl:"so, I'm wearing it to look good not for fighting"

  6. Aside from all the lies, laziness, and misinformation, the thing that irritated me more about their "show" is all the drug addict looking morons giggling like rapists because they broke costume armor with their $20 costume weapons.

  7. Metatron I think the powers that be distort our view of history
    If we all knew deep down that for thousands of years we were attacking or being attacked and it was complete brutal harsh living
    But they keep that reality from us so we're left chasing our tails eating and consuming junk and junk information
    What do u think?

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