February 26, 2021


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December Warning – Rough Seas Ahead

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22 thoughts on “December Warning – Rough Seas Ahead

  1. I'm Religious (some may say nut).
    There will be a new economic system and new world system. One world religion all focused around one country that has the letter "I" in it. They are working towards it.

    PS- A certain sea side town has seen two fires in businesses on the same street.

  2. You are absolutely right ! It just a matter of time ! We are not against the well of economy but it's inevitable. I wish everyone in America watching this video so they get ready for hard time coming

  3. Yes, I believe the government will produce trillions to pay for FDIC insurance. They will create the money and devalue the currency. If they don't, then doesn't that basically mean they are bailing on the banking system? If they bail on the banking system, that is almost the same as bailing on the dollar. I don't care much in either case. I keep most of my assets out of the dollar, but I'm not afraid of keeping a couple thousand in the bank. I am actually holding extra cash than usual right now because I think there might be a stock market crash sometime relatively soon. I'm not 100% on that though so I'm a little nervous, but it won't be that bad even if there isn't a crash in the near future because I already own lots of other things.

  4. God has taken his hands off of America since most have become lovers of the devil whether you know it or not. Music, and movies are telling you yet no one wants to believe. Vaccines are one of the mark of the beast. It will change the DNA of all who take it then turn on all true believes of God. Once we all are died then the Lord's wrath will come on this world. All will be sorry for not believing he is the Alpha the omega the beginning and the last. Then we will rise forever with the Lord.

  5. Solution:

    Send every household $2k per month retro from March 1, 2020. Train people to work online at the same $2K per month. Rent,Utilities, and Food Controls.
    God is not happy, and we will reap what we have sown. All is FAKE folks.

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