21 thoughts on “Defense Production Act A Harbinger of Gold Confiscation In a Crisis?”
  1. As a 5 year silver stacker, on a budget, what gold coins (US and world that can be liquidated relatively quickly) would you put on a list to buy? What weight and types/names of coins? You may want to omit the 1oz coins. It would take me 4-5 months to save up for one.

  2. I love the beer / gold ratio chart by Incrementum. It perfectly demonstrates the fraud carried out against the American people by the Filthy Fed. At the $800 peak of the 1980 gold rally, one ounce of gold purchased 227 beer ounces. Then at the $1,890 peak of the 2012 rally, 32 years of currency devaluation "inflation," one ounce of gold only bought 137 beer ounces. The fraudulent downward manipulation of gold mirrors the unnatural decline of interest rates for a USD currency with greater debt and risk over the same period of time. Finally in 2019 one ounce of gold is only able to purchase 115 beer ounces. Given the time, manipulation will see us to a 1/1 ration, or less. An $80 premium for physical is little consolation when gold should have been many many thousands higher.

  3. You ask about the stimulus checks how are we going to get people "off" it. Well, by stopping the checks? And as for unemployment, if you quit your job yourself, you don't get unemployment benefits.
    But even if you did, why would any one do it? The stimulus is temporary (as far we know now) and then you have no more income and no job. This talking point is a non-issue.
    Without the stimulus checks more businesses would bankrupt because no one can spend any money on whatever goods or services you provide.

    NOW PLEASE don't take me saying this as if I'm in favor of MMT. There are just not many options right now. Supply side economics just doesn't work without purchasing power.

  4. NO VACINE, Let citizens decide for our own body. Get Rid of Evil Mass killer like Bill Gates , Fauchi and WHO. They are not Elected b the peole nor are they medically train.

  5. We are living through a most important time is history, the take-down of America. The technocrats have pounced. However, their medical mischaracterization is a mere smoke screen for the financial looting, and wealth re-allocation occurring right now. The shutting down of the global economy was not done willy-nilly, but rather planned at the highest level. Only those who control the global economy could effectively shut it down. We've been hit with a left-hook; prepare for the coming straight-right.

  6. As Venezuela, Zimbabwe and South Africa 'ALL' learned,…nationalizing private property doesn't collateralize the wealth. Governments are NOT businesses,..so they fundamentally have no clue about how to run them. When Venezuela grabbed up the oil companies, what happened??? Hardware degradation, oil spills and massive environmental damage to fishery industries. Why? Because a government doesn't know what an annual repair schedule is. "Oh wait,..you mean we need an engineer? Oh wait, you're saying they all left the country because we nationalized their industry? Why did they do that? Because we removed their profit incentive? So you're saying incentive based human behavior is something Socialism never solves? " Hmmm,…imagine that.🙄

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