April 10, 2021


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DISCLAIMER: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, and 80% of traders don’t make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner.


32 thoughts on “DEFI LIQUIDITY POOLS (PROFIT AND DANGER EXPLAINED) – Amadeo Brands and Ivan on Tech

  1. Beware of the impersonators in the comments, they write emails, phone numbers and try to make you contact them in other ways! Do not contact anyone in the comment section, I will not post any phone numbers in the comment section… On another note: we will try to get Kyle from PAID to explain the situation after the hack soon

  2. It’s nice to see some yield from the protocols but the ETH Gas costs to claim the profit increases faster than the yield. What’s the best thing to do, just wait and hope Gas cost will come down or forget about it and switch over to Binance Smart chain?

  3. We need more basics before we can enter Defi like this, i am still scared. E.g. why the hell is there wrapped Ether on Ethereum itself? I could imagine this on a 2nd layer, yes. How do we SAFELY wrap bitcoin? I have honestly more questions than before the video, not necessarily a bad thing 🙂 How can there be so much money locked up? I am supposed to be a pro, a coder for 30 years, in crypto since 2013, i still don't dare to lock up more than a playful percentage, wild west! Tkx for the vid!

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