May 13, 2021


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Dehumanising Our Children – Back to School “New Normal” | Carl Vernon

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23 thoughts on “Dehumanising Our Children – Back to School “New Normal” | Carl Vernon

  1. Now it's just a piece of cloth of which most people comply to work and get groceries. You can bet that they have will have ways force the vaccine.

  2. We all need to stand against the Orwellian tyranny. If we all refuse to comply together, the 1% lose their power over us. It’s up to us whether we be slaves to the system or not. It’s really hard and it’s scary, but we must be strong.

  3. My son climbed only to the second stair on the same play structure as another little girl. She frantically began pacing about and started to whine to her father. My very loving and protective son thought she was afraid of going down the slide and tried to comfort her, she only became more upset as he climbed closer, speaking softly and " saying it's ok I can be brave with you". She recoiled at his compassion so filled with fear of his infecting her. You know what makes true sickness, when you shame, pervert, and vilify the innocent heart of a child's attempt at connection. They become afraid of intimacy and rejection by others so intensely they end up decorating their lampshades with nipples. People in government aren't basing their policies on science. They are no different that young people basing their Instagram opinions on likes. They are motivated by the anticipated vote count their policies will ensure. But their political forecasters have misadvised them and thus the pendulum will swing again pushed too forcefully by those the policies have damaged. Were meant to make it stop. Stop swinging, an object at rest tends to stay at rest, an object in motion the like. We'll still have plenty of to argue about and personal wars to go fight. But adherence to political parties funded by capitalistic drivers won't see that there's rest. No money in it.
    They won't care what this is doing not really, not until they see the long term effects this has on their families, like drug use or guns. They figure its comeuppance for degeneracy and consequence of poverty. Til their 17 yr old daughter is found with needle in arm or son is charged with stalking because he doesn't know how to relate.

  4. I agree with you 💯% Carl

    We will homeschool our kids coz I will not allow them to be masked, sanitizer and temperatured every second
    And how on earth do you expect little kids to have zero physical contact on the playground??
    It's absurd!

    But thank you Covid-19 for giving me the opportunity to get my kids out of the government indoctrination camps!
    And changing my perspective on almost everything!!

  5. If you care so much about the future of the children you should take a literal global pandemic seriously. Boohoo you have to wear your goddamn mask and wash your hands😭😭😭. Its not that hard

  6. My youngest nephew starts nursery soon and this will be his normal and I find it really worrying that he is going to be brought up in this crap.
    I said to my sister half jokingly that when he is older we will be telling him that we remember when people didn't have to queue up outside shops, wear masks , and could play with our friends without social distancing, I can just imagine him trying to get his head round that one.
    The damage this is going to do to the kids is very worrying

  7. @Carl Vernon Wow, I'm so sorry your country is doing the brainwashing, dehumanizing of you and your kids. I am still waiting to see what our idiots in Government will do with the school system. I may go buy computers and home school my grandkids I'm raising. It's 1984 in true life and it truly sucks. Do they stop your free speech there on line like they do ours? The president says he's doing something about censored 🤐 speech, but I don't see it. The science😷 proves they are lying to us, but nobody wants to protest, they just hide with their heads in the sand or have fallen for the lies. A lot have fallen for the lies because they run around with MASKS on ,lol, even in their stupid cars when they are all alone!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I see everyone wanting to be so stupid as to WANT Tyranny!!!!😿

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