March 8, 2021


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Dems Want A "War on 'Domestic' Terror"; Plus to "De-program" Trump Supporters

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Now that the Neo-Liberal order has taken control of all branches of the Federal Government, media, big tech and academia, the new push for is a “war on …


42 thoughts on “Dems Want A "War on 'Domestic' Terror"; Plus to "De-program" Trump Supporters

  1. On top of the pecking order of the leftist cult are Jewish international bankers. They've been in control of academia, international finance and media for over a 120 years. And it's not anti-semitic to say this, this is historic fact. They brought down, germany twice, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire. Look it up.

  2. This about the collapse of fiat currency around the world and throwing attention and blame anywhere except where it rightfully belongs – at the heads of the world's governments, esp. the US. Be it CV19 or "domestic terrorists", etc. We will see many scare tactics thrust into the public consciousness until totalitarianism is achieved through fear. AND it's all coming in a hurry. Thank you so much, Ben. Honey Badgers have no fear. God Bless.

  3. Yes, Ben, Brennen mentions all of the groups who were represented at the recent storming of the Capitol Building on January 6th. I would add one more who wasn't there that should also be on the list, Antifa. Such a pity, that Thou not speaketh the Truth either.

  4. This is all about preparing you for it. Getting you used to the idea so then you expect it if it happens and that way they get away with it. Not a shock. Remember Communist dampen. They wont put a bucket of water on a big roaring fire they will take a big damp rag and lightly press the flame until it becomes small enough to put out.

  5. Y’all keep using(supporting) Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and watching Pro sports,idolizing false prophets on television and the media who is creating all of this division then you ask why and get upset…? If this describes you then you need to check yourself.

  6. Put antifa . Com into your search bar. It now goes to the official white house page. I am not kidding.

    6 months ago trump declared them a terror organisation. Months back biden said they dont exist.

  7. The Left are Really Extremist's on STEROIDS! I Cannot believe Katy has gone so NUTS! She once seemed to be a rational thinking Individual. No more apparently!

    People better Wake up Quick! and take action writing & calling their Representatives, because this Agenda of destruction is No Less than the Complete TOTALITARIANISM that China is under! And that is NOT an over exaggeration either! They are coming after us HARD, and ANY amount of complacency will be to our peril!

  8. "Unity" means "conformity" by coercion & force. Classic Orwellian inversion by totalitarians & dictators. When Deep State John Brennan accuses others of Fascism he's talking about himself.

  9. To be fair, I’d like to deprogram those who support preventing, by government mandate, people from traveling or working or attending school if they are not vaccinated. I suppose there is a better way to think about this. Frankly I think one of the best thing that trump did was the ‘warp speed vaccine’ … if that isn’t like throwing frogs into boiling water, I don’t know what is. Many people are waking up. Not sure if he did it on purpose, but I have some hope that he knew it would provoke the shaking of the vaccine as the miracle solution. And many people have seen the Tiffany Dover story play out… along with the convulsing sufferers.

  10. Deprogramming is reprogramming, and reprogramming is brainwashing.
    And it's not just Trump supporters they're after, it's anyone who doesn't fall in line and support their narrative.

  11. Great discussion! Did not know that about Honey Badgers, put do understand the concept well as I deployed it many times in my life, though I called it the 'puffer fish' as I am a small person but crack out a big presence when necessary. It helped me when I was questioned by a corrupt police captain and local mob boss on my travels. Let's just say, no one will touch my water bottle in that town again! Sadly, though, if I pull the 'puffer fish' or 'badger' in USA right now, I'd be promptly labeled a 'Karen.' See what labels do! They shut some of us Down. As far as 'Trump voters being pathological,' I'd rather say I have opposing views than they do and like to 'vet' the facts with them, which I have done frequently in their chatstreams and frankly, I've noticed the 'Trump' crowd is often more polite than my own political base. Also, I've listened to their concerns on many matters and found they have Valid concerns & are good at identifying certain issues before the so called 'neoliberals' or 'progressives.' Frankly, every group has its strengths and weaknesses and instead of shutting everyone down, just join in and learn how to 'vet' material in a non violent fashion. I often DM with a qanon/Trump follower and send her material that raises excellent questions and offer my opinion on things such as fracking (Trump increased it, we bail out fracking & it's linked to destruction of water, earthquakes & fires; also, the Great Reset is supposed to be about decreasing CO2–that's we why have geoengineering nearly everyday–and fracking will clearly cost taxpayers more in long run while not addressing environmental issues.) Speaking of environment, how much money has big oil & gas thrown at MSM & clouding the issues? It's time to get real about this or we could face a moment where there's no turning back. We've got everything from the Grand solar minimum, historic solar flares, Tiamat (I see her, almost daily, seriously,) Geoengineering linked to fires and deforestation, species collapse, and War is still the Number one driver of climate change. We need to get real about solving these problems or the Davos group will do it for us. We will never learn how to discuss important issues if we're not allowed to speak.

  12. *BEN*
    Can you please do your updates on another platform, and link us there via your text alerts? I am really working towards getting Completely Off of YT, for obvious reasons. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Satan knows his time is short and now will come forth the antichrist and the false prophet.
    It will get much worse much worse in about 3 years. This is the beginning of the wrath of satan.

  14. Let's start this ridiculous "war on domestic terror" by arresting and charging real enemies of the people like John Brennan and James Clapper. Then we declare victory and end the war.

  15. Wow ,"visual r@-e?" So now when a man simply glances at a pretty woman it's considered the terminology I put before? Well, let's see what led up to that terrible man glancing at a woman. The woman earlier that day bought a new dress just a little low cut, some high heels, she got her hair and nails done, put on make up and added accessories to look just right in the hopes of attracting some male glances. But now the man knowing that he can't because of the left's use of the terminology that can be seen as a potential "thought" crime.(He's obviously been through his proper deprogramming program). Back to the woman…. although she worked hard on looking just right, she didn't receive one glance her way due to the new equality ruling.
    Well what are they going to do to the rest of the animal kingdom? Are they going to stop all their instinctive, mating rituals too? Teach mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects from doing what comes natural to them in mating calls, different sounds, feather rustling, released pheromones, color changes, etc etc? This is so utterly ridiculous. Maybe in this country, women don't care to be excessively gawked at, whistle calling, inappropriate comments being made as she walks by … but women largely know how to handle things and tell the offending guy off. Maybe the guy came from another country where that was perfectly acceptable and encouraged…who knows. But to try and change the dynamics of what comes instinctively natural is ludicrous.

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