February 28, 2021


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Desperate French Minister INSULTS Britain Over WTO Brexit

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40 thoughts on “Desperate French Minister INSULTS Britain Over WTO Brexit

  1. The end of the transition period will neither be the total disaster or the triumphant return of a global outreach.
    It will simply mean what the EU – Commission has lined out in it´s sober and bureaucratic preparement notes.
    Obviously only the wrong people read these.
    Basic fact is, the UK will be a third-country to the EU.
    This has impact on a lot of business.
    You can read the notes here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/european-union-and-united-kingdom-forging-new-partnership/future-partnership/getting-ready-end-transition-period_en
    This is all bureaucratic gibberish, but hidden between this is the simple truth: Hey, you are now on the outside and still have to follow EU rules if you want to export or work in this market.
    Things will change for i.e. these:
    – Any UK airline will loose it´s license to fly to Europa if they are less than 50 % owned by EU – countries or stakeholders.
    – Transport: existing haulage companies will need an EU licence to offer or work in the EU
    – REACH – the most strange thing= Registrating of processed chemicals. They are in pretty much anything.
    If you export these into the EU, you must register with the proper authority and have an EU partner. This is quite a lot of paperwork for any non-EU company and protects the EU from non-EU standard chemicals.
    As the UK left, with a pen-stroke all the chemicals which are now perfectly compliant will to be registered as they now come from a third country.
    – banking: the EU currently has not extended to the british banking industry any equivalence declaration. This was planned to be done till end of June. Now the EU has requested more information from the UK government. As long as this equivalence declaration was not done, britsh banks will not be able to offer their services in the Common Market.
    This will be re-evaluated on a yearly base by the EU Commission, so either british banks follow EU guidance, or open shop in the EU.

    In short: More paperwork for everybody, which means higher costs. This will be not the big catastrophe, but will change a lot of calculations.
    Imagine a stanadard lorry transporting stuff to the EU – these are mostly packed with mixed palettes of things.
    Raw prodcts for Germany, parts for Hungarian factories etc. In 2021 all these goods need to be properly filed and checked at EU border. This will raise transport costs. Not in a catastrophic way, but this will add up.
    And we will see who will pay for this. Especially if you then decide to use a french producer or a dutch, as his products do not include this transport costs.

  2. The EU sells to us in the UK 100 billion pounds worth more than we sell to them. In a no deal situation, where the EU and the UK are putting tariffs on our imports, The EU businesses will suffer more than the UK. Its in the EU's interest to get a zero tarriff trade deal done with the UK.

  3. The French insulting the British?
    That's what they were put on earth to do.
    They can chuck as many insults across the channel as they like
    we've always come out on top!

  4. Wife replying. Find Madame why are you so so offensive about Britain leaving. What are you so scared of. This country not that relevant, we could just carry on being in the EU and don't worry about Britain.

  5. Look it's his simple
    Place any 10 men in a pub full of beer and they can run the football team better than any manager except Terry Venables because he has a V in his name.

    So to find out what you do about France you hold a boxing match in a pub with Terry as the referee.
    Then you serve French beer to one and Guinness to the other while Terry Eats Walkers crisps.

    If a bomb goes off near Stratford watch how every except Terry stops what they're doing and knows exactly what went wrong and who was to blame.

    Six weeks later after a parliament discussion 10 more pubs close and Tescos extras open selling the Sun newspaper with a free holiday in Spain and a coupon for a six pack of Walkers crisps.

    Coffee Time

  6. Stop pretending the EU is desperate, because it is not.
    Rather brexiteers are desperate because non of the promises douchebags like Farage or Reese Mogg made are held (or are likely to be held) and UK government is bowing down to the US to get a trade deal which will crash food and health standards and in effect damage the NHS.
    You want a balanced partnership with the US? Forget it, it’s take it or leave it.
    Japan has taken the same position on their UK trade deal. Not negotiable.
    But with the EU the government wants them to compromise without giving in on regulations laws the UK as a member was involved in establishing?
    You are simply EU bashing without getting things done because you can’t.
    No offense, but that’s stupid.

  7. I still want to sell tickets for seats at the white cliffs of Dover so people can sit and watch france sink in to the English Chanel taking all their illegals with them. RULE BRITANNIA

  8. Reading the comments on this muppet’s forum is very sad. I guess England was only great when it was colonising, pillaging and raping lands. Didn’t mind foreigners then! The ignorance and lack of education is pathetic. Enjoy the black passports, and the small island, without being an island, mentality. Scotland and Wales want out, as do Nth Ireland. So enjoy the isolation and sovereign living, however that’s going to look like…and bon voyage!

  9. Self infected wound is Brexit where Brits will suffer and beg around the world for trade deals, Brits have already start begging Australia for freedom of movement, Australia will not consider that as the UK has corrupt immigration history for decades.

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