October 23, 2021


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DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Abortion Debate w/ Abby Johnson | Louder with Crowder

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41 thoughts on “DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Abortion Debate w/ Abby Johnson | Louder with Crowder

  1. I think this is actually crowder playing a character, how do I know this? Skyler's points make sense. Woke people, well, to put it simply, don't make sense at all in any way.

  2. I’m 100% pro life & I realize this dialog is meant to showcase the ridiculousness of the pro choice or pro abortion arguments.. however, I always cringe a little bit when ppl attempt to inject humor into any convo about abortion. I think both rape & abortion are so heinous that to giggle while talking about actually hurts the pro life perspective. Don’t think you’ll win over anyone on the pro choice side or even on the fence w/this type of video.

  3. 1) fetus defined is unborn baby 2) dead skin cells are not developing they are dead cells that come from you as a human. The baby is alive and developing 3) if you murder a pregnant woman it's considered a double homicide 4) zygote is 4 days post conception not weeks post conception 5) why does he keep saying she was fired? That feels desperate because we all know she wasn't fired she was in great standing and climbing in the company till she decided to leave. And he is arguing what services planned parenthood provides when she knows more about planned parenthood and women's health more than he will ever know. 6) forcing to donate a kidney? More like saying she has the right to remove a kidney and throw it away without medical necessity…no Dr will ever perform unnecessary removal of organs because the patient wants too 7) I don't think the issue is support free birth control to reduce abortion, it's to understand and respect the life of the baby and that abortion is ending a life. As Abby said in the begining there will be more respect if pro choice just openly admitted it is ending a life. 8) Abby did amazing!

  4. not sure what this parody is suppposed to achieve but for me its skyler talking sense here. cant find the humour…this woman is awful. i ve changed my mind thanks to this video.

  5. As someone who is very divided on this issue and understands the moral dilemma of abortion, watching this made me lean more left on the issue. This women did a pretty bad job of making the conservative case on this topic.

  6. This lady thinks it’s ok for the police to racially profile her adopted biracial son because of statistics. Because of those statistics, irregardless of her raising him from infancy with her “family (obviously racist) values,” she is a-ok with the police assuming her son has a biological propensity for violence. Therefore she fine with the police using extra caution with her biracial son. What a stellar example of a pro-lifer. ?

  7. 31:01 you point out that rape would be the exception when you're giving the rebuttal to the kidney argument. Still earlier you had claimed that you don't support abortions even in case of rape? Isn't that hypocritical of you?? Imo the bodily autonomy argument works 100percent in rape scenarios since carrying a rapist's baby is equivalent to forcing to donate a kidney to someone, as none of those are consequences that you consented to. Similarly bodily autonomy makes sense in cases where the couple used contraceptives but those failed

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