April 20, 2021


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21 thoughts on “Did India Stare Down China?

  1. China is run by twits and cowards that bark more than they bite. And they pretend that their army is all that and then some by holding parades more often than they train.

  2. at least the WHO is only partially corrupt, they at least tried asking questions, in a completely failed system they would have just accepted whatever china was selling them. tho i gotta admit, this partially good partially bad system of government in any aspect (would the WHO count as a government ish entity?) is really obnoxious, its like we can see the corruption causing problems but its not bad enough to just throw out the whole thing as they are doing at least some things right

  3. China wanted to attack Indian army between January to February, the coldest month of the year on Himalayan mountains but India deploy mountain gorilla force and that ends for china winter attacking plans. Anyway china gave up for now with full of surprise and shock.

  4. 1:06 look at the amount of trees they destroyed in that small amount of time

    just like the reefs they destroyed in the southeast asian sea

    they truly are like locusts

  5. As an Indian, I don't want war. We are the nation of Gandhi, we are the proponents of Ahimsa (non violence). The thing is, China keeps provoking us all the time despite being one of our largest trading partners.

  6. What a group of self deceiving jokers you are! You guys only want to hear what you believed. What you guys don't understand is : it's the strength of economy that matters in the end. India is left behind economically by China further and further.

    In 2014 when Modi became PM, India GDP is 2 trillion US dollars while China GDP is 10 trillion , the gap is 8 trillion US dollars. After 6 years, in 2020, the gap has increased from 8 to 12 Trillion US dollars ( =14.8 – 2.8 ). As long as Modi is in Power, the GDP gap between China and India will be increasing year by year. Modi only knows votes not economy .

    Per the current development trend of China and India, there is no way for India to get closer to China economically. Instead India is left behind economically by China further and further.

  7. I think you need to address the elephant in the room that the CA Red Cross found 2% of donors were tested positive for Covid antibodies 13-16 Dec 2019, it takes 2-4 weeks to develop antibodies…

  8. China is strong and confident enough to face any failure with India. While India is too fragile mentally to face and accept any failure, so much so that you guys delude yourself that India shot down a F16 of Pakistan, and that China lost more soldiers than India. Is it the syndrome of 1962 War? Poor guys live in the shadow of 1962 war for more than half century and could not get out of it.

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