May 11, 2021


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DISCOVER Short Term Rentals in Bangkok, Thailand

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22 thoughts on “DISCOVER Short Term Rentals in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. As I am not so young anymore, I would choose number 2 if I had no furniture and the huge townhouse if I had some basic furniture and kitchen appliances to start with. And as a frequent user of the BTS when in Bangkok, I never forget the announcement: Nanaaaa. 555!
    But I guess the price would go slightly down if you choose a longer term rental?

  2. This is such amazing work and great value you provide to everyone around you, viewers, you family, landlords, agencies! Well done Chris! You're a real pro and an inspiration! That 100k is coming at you fast, faster than you think!

  3. Hi There, having a condo at Abstract Park in Ladprao neighborhood, I would be really interesting in knowing the the address of this place to check out the street life 🙂

  4. So you stated the video with STR / Airbnb units for 1 month,. The first one was clearly an Airbnb rental.

    However the last unit was clearly long term rental that is clearly not listed on Airbnb and had nothing to do with STR/ Airbnb unit. Hard to compare apples to apples when you do that.

  5. My cousin and I checked in that Nana Hotel and we were shocked when we arrived there. Lmao we were in a hurry and just booked the first hotel that came up. Fortunately it’s just for a night. 🤣🤣🤣

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