April 20, 2021


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Disney adds racial trigger warnings to old cartoons

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41 thoughts on “Disney adds racial trigger warnings to old cartoons

  1. We are still creating stereotypes today. We portray black Americans on welfare and in the hood. That's a stereotype. Sure, it's not slave talk stereotypes but it's still a stereotype nevertheless.

  2. They threw me off with the countdown! I'm like do you want subscribers? If anything this either makes people wanna watch more much like those parental advisory's about gore and sex or you make people wanna end their subscription out of guilt for wanting to watch a movie the company proclaimed too offensive for viewers!

  3. by "diversity" they actually mean uniformity, and by "inclusion" they actually mean censorship. Cleansing art works should take awhile, but they will get it done, from statues, to paintings, to children's movies, Utopia is so close now, its just around the corner, maybe, uh, five more years.

  4. The only trigger warning I can get behind is Cole black and de sebben dwarbs and of course scrub me mama with a boogie beat I never saw censored eleven and I don't want too either those cartoons are awful to watch as they are pure cringe and not just for its sheer Racism all though I've always hated how black people were portrayed in those cartoons as they look nothing like black people?

    I think trigger warnings are OK if you don't censor or keep movies like song of the South in a vault I grew up with almost all the disney classics as a kid watching Disney I never saw any Racism it's controversial at best

    Even as an adult I don't look for racism in my movies even if I do find it I don't really care its make believe fictional and not real I just want to escape and enjoy my movies and enjoy the cartoons and story telling censoring the past doesn't mean that the past never happened not to mention there's worse things to be offended by other than disney.

    I'm sick of the political agendas and hateful propaganda nowadays.

  5. I think people are being a bit too sensitive. It’s a cartoon people. Maybe it’s a bit touchy like I can understand the dumbo one. But still what happened happened. Just enjoy the film instead of being set off by these things.

  6. Well, I guess it's SLIGHTLY better than Disney up & tossing all their pre-2000s cartoons into an incinerator.
    Btw, I wanna bring the real Disney back to life, so I can watch him lay the smack down on all the idiots working for false Disney.

  7. Why do you guys care so much? It’s just a large corporation posturing so as to adapt to the culture of the time. It’s purely a profit based decision and not as if Disney gives two shits about offending other cultures and ethnicities. I’ve never seen people get so pressed about their perception of other people being snowflakes

  8. I don’t really think Aladdin is racist. It was one of my favorite movies when I was a little kid and if anything it made me fascinated in another culture. It was so different than what I was used to seeing at that age. It was magical to see another world almost

  9. Corporations need to stop telling us what to think. Do any of you remember back in 1999 Cartoon Network took away speedey Gonzales a character from looney tunes because he was a stereotype of Mexican people only for him to be put back on tv after Mexicans saying he was a positive stereotype and a national treasure. Just proves we need to stop being told what’s racist just like what’s comedy

  10. How come there is no trigger warning on the Democrat party? They are the party of slavery, jim crow, KKK, segregation, and voted against all bills that gave women and minorities rights. Hell they are pushing for segregation right now with their cultural appropriation crap and just straight up saying blacks and whites should have separate graduation classes.

  11. My fondest memories were of Sunday night Wonderful World of Disney to be served up with a pot roast dinner. The left is now coming after my childhood? Funny too as its the progressives that are today's racist and will be removed from the history books just like they wanted.

  12. Disney might want to cover their tracks into the allegations their cruise line was dropping kids off to Epstein island. The subliminal “sexual” hidden messages they use to put in their films are 100% real. Disney is in the business of exploiting children. No different than how McDonalds has a play house at almost every location. Disney acting righteous is some bullshit.

  13. Then you need to censore everything what comes from Hollywood. So many steretype blacks, mexicans, russians or Chineses… USA is really weird. Its time to silence everyone and everything, even history.

  14. Maybe Disney should put warnings on their movies that are promoting homosexuality and other adult content. Walt Disney has to be rolling over in his grave about the direction that his company is going!

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