May 11, 2021


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Dissenting scientists issue Covid-19 herd immunity declaration

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24 thoughts on “Dissenting scientists issue Covid-19 herd immunity declaration

  1. Too much fear and not enough truth through the media from both sides!
    This direction makes more sense to me than anything else I’ve heard but I fear
    That our country is to addicted to the political division to come together on
    Any kind of strategy. United we Stand Divided we Fall ! Maybe the rest of the world
    Will get with it . Sign me up!

  2. Their proposal is treating CV the same as we have treated other viruses, microbes, etc. in the last 100 years. Protect the vulnerable & realize you cannot stop a virus regardless of all the preventions.

  3. De Blasio just shut down schools were he admits their have been no issues in an ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION. Lockdowns have become to normalized by both political groups.

  4. Why people who are in favor of lockdown can’t accept the will of people who want to be normally on the streets? After all, they can remain in lockdown. And those who want to be normally on the streets don’t want to force them out. Why is one side dictatorial and the other side democratic?

  5. Finally sanity after months of hearing the BS from Fauci, Birx,… and all the other career Civil Servants that have made the governments react illogically since the beginning!

  6. The human suffering from poverty and non-treatment due to government actions will be greater than #COVID19. We're witnessing governments commit the greatest scientific and medical malpractice in modern history.

  7. Outside of nursing homes and hospitals people with underlying conditions are often times stronger because we take such good care of our health. So this must be down to personal choice i.e each person assesses their own risk while the rest of the population get on with normal lives.

  8. Bravo…Enormous collateral damage….So true…Time for a strategy that does not trash the lives of everybody to protect a minority that can be still be protected with a focused approach.

  9. The Pandemic is a global scandal.

    The Corona PCR tests being used to lockdown society are legally fraudulent. Go to Dr Reiner Fuellmich YouTube channel to join the class action.

    Top German lawyer known for corruption trials vs Deutsche Bank & VW & now member of German Corona Investigative Committee says those responsible for Covid fraud should be trialled for crime against humanity.

  10. Great, knowledgeable and courageous scientists! Thank you for sharing this information to the public! The collateral damage of today's approach to COVID-19 is a crime against humanity.

  11. Great argument. The public need to be reminded that 'herd immunity' is a part of human biology. It's been protecting humans since day one. It occurs when a large portion of a community becomes immune to a disease, thus making the spread of disease unlikely. As a result the whole community becomes protected and not just those who are immune. The well protect the weakest. It's simple and it works. History has proven that. Lock down prolongs the pandemic and increases the death rate.

  12. I've advocated this approach for 6 months. However, my train of thought led me to the situation where an elderly person does not want to be protected – perhaps they don't want to sacrifice any time away from family in the knowledge that they may die soon of anything. Sweden advised elderly, not forced; very admirable of them.

  13. Integration of this awareness, its gonna take some magic for this tide to turn on the perception of threat, of integrating the knowledge on IFR and demographic proportionate risk. When is the butterfly gonna flap it's wings?

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