February 26, 2021


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Do Indonesian Terrorists Have Friends in High Places? (2005)

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22 thoughts on “Do Indonesian Terrorists Have Friends in High Places? (2005)

  1. And nothing has changed!!!! After all of their rhetoric and bullshit – why is Muhammadiyah's combat clad private army tolerated? They are uused to threaten people – and why do indonesia' s so- called police do nothing about it – and this is 2019!

  2. Kesalahan pemerintah lama yang tidak tegas , apalagi jaman SBY hanya banyak omong. Coba jaman Jokowi dan pak tito skarang ini, pasti di buruh sampai ke akarnya tuh teroris

  3. I just love that the childish bigots like to pretend that this kind of thing only happens with Muslims. Apparently, paying attention to the world around them is just too much hard work. And hey! When you need a group to hate without thinking too much, why not go the Nazi route, replacing Jews with Muslims. It's the politically correct thing to do, after all.

  4. It is beyond stupid that people say that all the hate in the world is because of Islam. What about the KKK, what about what happend in Norway in 2011? Its the extremists that put religions in bad light, not religion itself.

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