May 8, 2021


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Do These 4 Stretches EVERYDAY! Stretches for Seniors by Bob and Brad

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43 thoughts on “Do These 4 Stretches EVERYDAY! Stretches for Seniors by Bob and Brad

  1. Thank you guys I was planning to buy the band for stretching and now I also going to buy the ball, I really need to start working a little bit with me to start feeling better with the minimum pain possible and your knowledge is incredible I always find what I was looking for in your videos

  2. love all your videos and I have my son watching for his aches and pains now too. I have to drive 100 miles 6 days a week for work ( I just turned 61 in June) Can you suggest something I can do in a little time to help my sciatica and knee pain? I work 12 hour days.My bones sure seem to hurt a lot more than they did a year ago. I watch and watch but nothing really addressed driving a lot? Thank You both for what you do.

  3. LOVE your videos! …just a kind suggestion – not to seem fussy but "elderly" has an ageist feel to it while "elder" is more acceptable – or – my fave: "those who have celebrated lots of birthdays!" Thanks again for the awesome videos!

  4. Hi Bob And Brad! First, I Would Like To Thank You For Your Videos, Knowledge And Humor.
    I Recently Finished 52 Weeks Of PT. ( This Year ) This Would Help Me SO MUCH !!
    Thank You For All That You Do
    p.s I Mentioned You To My Physical Therapist… They Knew About You =)

  5. Love you guys. Because the title doesn't always detail the video, we sure could use a playlist for stretches and another playlist for exercises. I recall one video where you pointed out how certain yoga stretches were bad and you demonstrated better stretches, also one for exercises that were bad, like for the shoulder, and what was a better alternative. I foolishly didn't make folders for these. I've learned my lesson, and this one is bookmarked into an appropriate folder but still, I think your viewers, old and new, would greatly benefit from playlists.

  6. Please change your copy to read "every day," and not "everyday."
    While similar, they don't mean the same thing at all! "Everyday" means "commonplace" or "lacking quality," while "every day" means "each day" or "daily."

  7. Can't really exercise since I have 5 hernias, two of which are in my spine. I've had sciatic pain for over a month that's so severe I often scream when I stand up and I can't put any pressure on my left foot. I feel it in my left buttock. If I lie down the pain is extremely severe. I've tried various lumbar stretches, rolling a tennis ball under each foot (both which are very painful and almost curve sometimes). Not even Flexeral makes the pain stop. 800MG Ibuprofen has been making me feel really ill (I think) and doesn't do much anyway. Hard to see a doctor personally during a pandemic. Guess I'm stuck watching your videos for some sort of relief.

  8. I love your videos so much! You explain what you do so well that I feel like I am there. I love your sense of humor too. I have shared your videos with so many friends and relatives who are not able to see their own therapists right now. Thank you for your kindness and the service you provide to us. Bless you you and your staff and families.

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