February 26, 2021


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Do you know the Scientific History of Lockdowns? A Must Watch – CRUCIAL.

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49 thoughts on “Do you know the Scientific History of Lockdowns? A Must Watch – CRUCIAL.

  1. Just a hand full of Filthy Rich, Silicon Valley, Social Media, Oligarchs controls everything we hear & see.
    If these few, don't like what you say, they MUZZLE our Freedom of Speech & Expression !
    I don't believe in "Cancel Culture"; Please consider adding Platforms that do not censor free speech, like Parler & Rumble !
    I love your podcast, but, I can not participate (literally), with a platform that censors my freedoms !

  2. Just a hand full of Filthy Rich, Silicon Valley, Social Media, Oligarchs controls everything we hear & see.
    If these few, don't like what you say, they MUZZLE our Freedom of Speech & Expression !
    Please consider adding Platforms that do not censor free speech, like Parler & Rumble !
    I love your podcast, but, I can not participate with a platform that censors my freedoms !
    Thank You.

  3. Such a lockdown scenario is written up in 2010 in the Rockefeller paper Lockstep so pinning it all on the Chinese Communist state if a falsehood when using a virus as a pretext for more top-down control WAS planned as a scenario on paper. Then in Sept 2019 came the planned paper A World At Risk which stated categorically there would be TWO pandemics in 2020 either of a deliberate release or accidental release of a virus in which a pandemic would be monitored legally by the UN under the International health Regulations of 2005. More than that, we know the funding on gain of function for coronaviruses started in the USA and involved Chinese scientists working with American scientists, then the funding was moved to Wuhan's bioweapoons lad. Yes USA funding funded that gain of function work. All the pieces fit into the shape of the Rockefeller Lockstep plans which proposed lockdowns and describes exactly what we have been put through with the virus used as a pretext. Elites have been using this scare formula for centuries!!!! So Fauci and co were involved from day one. was it accidental release? With all the plans in place like Event 201 etc an accident would be too much of a coincidence that just happened to occur when it suited huge biggest corporations on the planet to make lots of money, hold nations to ransom with a virus and cash in on the vaccine and then take more top down control of various governments as described in their plans! So either the virus was accidentally released at the perfect time or it was freak accident? Mmmmmmm. As Dr Kary Mullis said, fauci and co were looking for a new plague to make billions out of and they created it. Either way we should have seen arrests and prosecutions….but there are so many making billions and laughing at us all that they can buy the lawyers the laws and the politicians to say and do nothing. Its just business to them. A Heist as I called it on 2nd March 2020!

  4. The curve he is holding up is the exact same curve the UK saw in April, the virus did its worse then we achieved community immunity and it went away, now its tapering off during winter as predicted, nothing to write home about. NHS winter narrative

  5. I sent links to Kate's video and the attached paper (and pdf Copy) to my 5 local state MPs (in Victoria, Australia), our Federal member of Parliament, plus 2 local councillors, commending the info to them. We've had nearly a year of lock-downs, so not sure how deeply they've dug themselves into 'lockdown mentality'; and certainly people are brain washed into accepting it. The 23 Pheizer vaccine deaths of >80y olds in Norway certainly contrasts with the narrative that HCQ is too awful to use as a covid treatment. HCQ was delisted for covid use in Aust on 6 June 2020, 2 days after the US did this; and just weeks after dodgy studies (UK Recovery trial, WHO 5 arm study, and the Lancet fake N= 96,000 covids in 87 countries article) were used as excuses. At the time, Aust announced more research was needed, and were going to do an N= 5,000 health care professionals (2,000 controls – no HCQ, and 3,000 to use HCQ as prophylactic); which I understand was subsequently dropped. Ivor – I'm looking forward to you covid film.

  6. While national bureaucracies are already a well-known sink for mediocricy – most people with above average skills go into the private sector -, this is 10 times worse with the global bureaucracies.

    Dont believe for a second that this whole thing was somehow planned by a sinister and incredibly smart conspiracy. These people are just eternal children who never left their egg shell of government protected tax payer funded spaces. They have no idea of the life outside their bubble. They cant imagine a world without the steep hierarchy where not the best end up on top but those who know who to pander to and who to backstab.

  7. The lockdowns were always the goal! WHO did add "extreme mitigation" aka 'lockdown', as an approved solution in 2019, right after Tedros came into power. The concept had been discussed for 15 years, always rejected. Then, the first flu to come along , and suddenly, lockdown is our only solution……. lucky, huh?

  8. You were slandered by Mike Graham on his morning Talkradio show earlier this week.
    Our side , the side of Truth, needs to begin to pursue these MSM characters whose reach and power vastly outweighs our own through the law courts.

  9. A virus the only kills those already on life's exit ramp that won't be responsible for an increase in all cause mortality. A vaccine that doesn't stop recipients from getting the disease and has side effects that make it too dangerous to give to the most likely to die. It is consistent with there not actually being any new disease ending people's lives.

  10. If you're so immune to disease and covid19 that you don't need vaccines or a face masks then go and volunteer at your local hospital. They would be delighted to have any volunteer staff.

  11. Amazing how under stress the various cognitive fallacies and bias tend to come out. When the people with power who value the lust for eternal life over freedom and quality of life combined with this… there was a reason why medical doctors were never allowed to pull the strings in healthcare systems and statisticians and accountants were- they can be blinded by compassion leading to massive bias.

  12. China has been subject to several disease outbreaks over the past 20 years, many can be construed as suspicious. These outbreaks have affected food production as well as people. Maybe China's reaction to CV-19 was coloured by this, 'the precautionary principle', if they suspected this was another bio-terror attack by hostile forces? Maybe, due to earlier experience they were prepared, and acted on this plan? Maybe they willfully overplayed the lockdown to put a template on the table that others would then try and copy. to their own economic and social detriment? Maybe CV19 was sent back from China with some added 'spin', causing our panic, now realising that we could be targeted with a bioweapon as well? Great Power Geopolitics.

  13. The Countries that didn't need Lockdowns are the ones that have the tech and infrastructure to deal with a pandemic such as Taiwan and South Korea. The U.S and U.K have nothing of the kind, hence needing the blunt tool of lockdown.

  14. So this is title "Do you know the history of lockdowns? Must watch". The video is about Chinese policy and Government. I live in Ireland, I've lived through the 3 waves. 93 people were recorded today as deaths from or with Covid. The community spread is out there and unfortunately Ivor Cummins has been wrong, despite many months of what I believe is genuine belief that Covid 19 was merely like any other seasonal flu that had ran it's course
    .he said this repeatedly with convincing graphics towards the end of 2020. He held up Sweden as a good support case. The unfortunately reality is that the boringly (but serious) obvious is true. This virus spreads when our economy opens up like it did for Xmas and then gets to 1000s rather quickly if nothing is done and then the numbers of deaths to follow up. Now Ivor can show all the fancy graphics and post all the negative videos about China's lack political set up but that has little to nothing to do with our problem here at hand. We are 5 million on a small island and we've thousands newly infected and infectious every day. The answer again is unfortunately the same as it was back in 2020. Restric community transmission hard a d the only way that happens is again with lockdown. Yes it's a price to pay but we are not in fear of dictatorship or Government oppression. Let's just be real here. The vaccination program is a few months away from helping us to get out of further lockdowns and the people who have argued and pushed for this are right (even if some companies have a vested interest in a strategy doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong either). So it's time now we all put on our big boy pants, Ivor included and just suck up the reality. We're to do what our health professionals and Government advisors tell us for our own good. Simple but true. I know, we want to be right but sometimes we just have to say you know what sometimes others know better. That thing called maturing you have do as a child, remember.

  15. I haven't see anybody talk about one of the main factors with regards to the CV, do people know that we are entering a grand solar minimum, this means we are getting colder and thus more cold related illness will occur. We are at the beginning of the 11 year cycle, they know about this as NASA has shown.

  16. China lies and even controls our media. Even now, China has entire cities under lockdown again. 100+ million people. This virus cannot be contained anymore than the flu can be contained and eradicated, and trying to do so is a crime against humanity. We should be protecting the vulnerable and elderly, but otherwise life needs to move on and our children need education.

  17. No doubt researched and presented by honest hard working people who still have faith in the system. That system is all but gone. There is no more system. What the fake pandemic and other global events have done is to see to it that the great reset is ushered in. Nothing else matters. You can go blue in the face presenting as much logic and evidence you like – none of it matters. One more day and the final piece of the puzzle will be in place – then there is no turning back. Political and monetary Armageddon awaits.

  18. Hold Bruce Aylward accountable for the thousands of unnecessary deaths and human rights violations due to the 100% unnecessary and 100% ineffective lockdown measures.

  19. Lockdown proponents and Maskholes cannot name a single person their unprecedented, illogical, unscientific and antihuman actions have saved. Yet everyone can name people truly and definitely harmed by these actions.

  20. Because it was never about the virus. I see on the Internet fake photos of people in 1918 wearing masks. It also states businesses closed and people distanced. None of this is true. This is a very dark period in human history.

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