October 23, 2021


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Doctor Asks: Should We Really Be Opening Schools?

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This is a really complex but immensely important topic. Written and shot on 25th Feb with the most up to date evidence I can find. As a parent and as a doctor …


42 thoughts on “Doctor Asks: Should We Really Be Opening Schools?

  1. Thanks Dr. Rohin for this video and including a whole list of links to articles and journals as evidence for the topics covered. Evidence based medicine FTW!

  2. You've made it very clear that the risks and rewards are not the same for everyone, so why should the solution be the same for everyone? Why not let individual families determine which option is best for them, and only send those who feel it's in their best interest back to in-person school?

  3. "… found that there was no effect."

    I hope you are merely misreporting your source, since this is not a possible statistical conclusion. Best we can do is something like "any effect, if it exists, is small."

    It's also valid to give a deceptive non-statement like "there was no statistically significant effect" since this would be saying precisely nothing.

  4. Should never have reopened so early, should have waited till Easter. My sister caught COVID from her youngest 1 week after reopening and she almost died due to a secondary infection that followed. Now she's still recovering from long COVID with persistent headaches, muscle fatigue, and now has to send them back to school since Easter break just finished. Extremely lucky neither of my parents caught it, since they were minding the kids while my sister had to go in to work once a week.

  5. My school has very strict restriction for in person learning where you only go back for what would be one day of school time in a normal week. For me it seems that the in person learning is not worth it when online works perfectly fine

  6. America: So you're saying we should push all cost of covid prevention costs on teachers, unlike every other country in the world, that wont change the effectiveness of covid prevention.

  7. I think the problem was that some teachers were in higher risk categories. If you are old enough that you have a 10% chance of dying would refuse to work too. Now that the teachers have access to very effective vaccines i think it is definitely reasonable to open.

  8. How do children develop their immune systems? Is a strong immune system important for long term health and wellbeing? Do social distancing, continual handwashing and masking have an affect on our immune systems?

  9. Since when have decisions like this been made on the basis of scientific evidence? Next you'll be suggesting that school curricula and teaching methods are designed according to the evidence! Hilarious!

  10. Covid really has exposed how ignorant and naive the medical community is. How many teachers have to die before they realize that schools have to stay closed?
    CDC: We can open schools if we take proper precautions.
    Schools: Okay, we will open with no masks and no minimum distance rules.
    Covid: Kills scores of teachers and teens.
    CDC: Schools are safe. Just trust us.

  11. As of 31st March 2021, the decision to reopen schools appears to have gone OK so far. Infections have been roughly flat since the 8th March, but about 1,000 are probably false positives given the government stated accuracy rates. Hospitalisations have kept a surprising steady downward path of about 22% week-on-week and the death rate has also been continuing down steadily.

    There is no sign, as yet, significant increase in cases and, week by week, the number of vaccinated adults is increasing, albeit that it's shortly to go into a period when second doses dominate/

    At the moment, I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be OK for the final term of the year.

  12. In most countries back in Africa here lockdowns, curfew nd closing school decisions seem more influenced by foreign aid more than anything, its sad. In future, maybe do an episode about state of medlife in 3rd wrld nd all, we live in a complex world

  13. This might be very unproductive to get into, but in my country the opening and closing of school always did seem to coincide with number of cases. I'm wondering how much other factors, (like whether kids travel to school, ie using public transportation, if they'll also spend an hour or two hanging out after school and such) are contributing to that, or not.

  14. Should have never ever closed schools period. We are all immune to these sar2 type corona viruses. Socalled Covid19 which has been planned for atleast a century stands for Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification 2019. Virus has never ever been isolated yet…or shown in any lab.

  15. I don't understand why teachers are safe enough to break lockdown even though they spread it amongst themselves, while the rest of the population is not safe enough to break lockdown, even though they spread it amongst themselves just the same. That sounds like some elites just want their kids off their back and are therefore cherry picking studies and making an exception for their own convenience.

    Also, not your fault, but the whole 'comply or there will be more lockdowns' thing is really starting to get grating. The lockdowns have changed nothing and we always get more lockdowns regardless of compliance. It's like saying 'the beatings will continue until morale improves'.

    Whatever happened to '2 weeks to stop the spread' anyway? It's starting to sound like a sham to be perfectly honest. Sure, on paper, and if you want to go by strictly the medical studies, this all sounds fine. But in reality we are creating mass impoverishment which is not considered in those papers, and that's pretty harmful to public health. Kids are the future so lets starve them now and make sure to remove upward social mobility for them while they're still young? And of course, the poor and working class are most effected. The working class becoming the impoverished, and the impoverished having to share their meager resources with millions of new members. Very good for public health indeed.

  16. Fantastic scientific opinion.
    The same propagated by the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro (famous Trump's follower).

    He says:
    • Economy first. Many people will die of starvation.
    • The lack of "tuition" will cause a problem for parents that can't take care of their kids. Depression, stress, ….
    • Teachers are not under risky conditions. There is no need to include them in priority groups for vaccination.
    • There is no risk for the kids, they don't transmit the disease.

    Under normal conditions, teachers are considered babysitters, education is completely ignored for the parents, and classes with 40 students is the standard in every public school.

  17. How many patients have been in intensive care from c19 in the age 6-19 in the uk?
    In sweden I think it's like…1 maybe.. absolutely less than I have fingers on 1 hand.

    U neutral?? Come on… u have 0 self awareness??? Ur a labour voter from the beard to ur toes. And ur woke like an antifa handbook or a course in critical race theory.

  18. The taxi drivers and bus drivers I've come across work behind perspex screens, unlike teachers. I'm glad you acknowledge teachers should be prioritised for vaccination but I'd say it should be a condition of schools re-opening. All workers should be afforded the best possible available health and safety measures. It's all very well quoting statistics but meaningless if someone to who you are close is killed by covid. Kids will be affected by schools closure, but then kids got through WW2 OK. So will this generation if the government puts the resources in – ours being a major problem generally in that area.

  19. Here in Australia, there is no need for schools to be closed at the moment. Universities are mostly doing "dual-delivery" which means most classes can be done online or in person. Lectures were already recorded, but now tutorials and practicals have online equivalents too. Campuses are open, with cleaning and social distancing requirements. Exams have been various forms of online. When schools were closed, students could still come in person if their parents were essential workers or they had additional learning needs. This was very difficult in regional areas where some people lack internet and sometimes a postal address!

    Having a parent who is a distance education teacher, I feel very strongly that online teaching is often subpar in effectiveness, even for well-resourced classes who have good use of software and can even send out physical equipment when needed. Distance students need to be very self-motivated or have close supervision at home- not feasible in many cases.

    Thanks for the great video. It's important that people have access to good, clear communication so we can panic about the right things!

  20. Just so you know, in Utah (USA) our schools haven't been closed all year. They've been open this whole time.
    And now our "mask mandate" is being rescinded in April.
    I'm embarrassed for our state.

  21. Many of concerns you have for students missing in person school is so valid however, all of those conditions shouldn’t be solved by schools but are faults of society and a capitalist society. Plus there was a clear correlation in Ontario to opening school and an increase in children spreading the virus to others.

  22. With the children going back today, whilst I do appreciate this video and your take on this, it's disappointing to hear a doctor perpetuate the idea that the only people at risk are the elderly. Saying that elderly people don't live with children is ignoring the concerns of CEV parents of/family living with school age children.
    As a CEV immunosuppressed parent of an 8 year old, having been unable to get my vaccine yet because of the ridiculous inflexibility of the 12 week vaccine dosing rule set out by the JCVI, I'm worried about all children going back to school. It's not just about the transmission between pupils, but the refusal of so many parents to social distance within the school grounds.

    I'm thankful for your sharing of data, and don't at all think you're being disingenuous or purposefully dismissive, but a lot of CEV 'shielders' have felt, and continue to feel as though we don't matter.

    I have never been so incensed by the tories as I have been since the beginning of the pandemic, and their frankly criminal handling of the entire situation, but sadly not at all shocked or surprised. Certainly a lesson learnt in not assuming things can't possibly get much worse with our government, as I foolishly let myself believe when Cameron was in power. I daren't tempt fate any more.

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