April 20, 2021


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Doctor Dissects the Wim Hof Method – Cold Hard Science Analysis

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31 thoughts on “Doctor Dissects the Wim Hof Method – Cold Hard Science Analysis

  1. This video is long as I wanted to tackle as much as I could. It might not be for everyone but if the thought of all 44 minutes gives you chills, here's a cool table of contents:
    00:00:04 Intro
    00:01:19 Why this isn't about my own experiences
    00:02:04 The problem with many 'WHM science' videos and blogs
    00:02:56 Structure of the video
    00:03:21 This is not about Wim Hof, it's about the method
    00:04:13 Scott Carney on the general concept behind the WHM
    00:05:54 The pillars of the WHM, its origins and basic outline
    00:07:40 Scott Carney on why Wim differs from 'gurus' he's encountered before
    00:09:21 Running order of the science
    00:09:52 The WHM and cold resistance – how does it work?
    00:12:24 The WHM and brown fat
    00:15:20 How tummo/chandali/WHM breathing heats you up
    00:17:00 The WHM and breathing – effects of hyperventilation
    00:17:41 Rhonda Patrick and Pierre Capel on alkalosis
    00:19:25 Are these effects long term?
    00:20:48 Priming the sympathetic nervous system – a key step
    00:22:41 The WHM and the immune system – the reality including analysis of the endotoxin study
    00:24:55 The pros and cons of the endotoxin study
    00:26:38 Good and bad stress
    00:28:09 The WHM and altitude sickness (ft Scott Carney)
    00:33:46 Putting every claim into 3 categories of plausibility
    00:41:42 The one line summary for the truly attention-deficient
    00:43:06 Don't send money, just watch this bit if you want to support the channel
    00:43:57 Insert joke here


  2. I've been doing the wim hof methods for 3 years now I'm 53 I'm 22 stone I've always been overweight and I was struggling not only has my mood been a lot better but my joints and my breathing the best thing is I don't have to take antibiotics anymore for chest infections and this is all down to the wim hof method he pretty much saves my life I'm now on a diet and can walk 4 miles before the whim half I couldn't even climb the stairs don't take my word for it just do it never be sick again well that's not completely true you might feel unwell but it won't hit you half as much as it used to

  3. Awesome video!
    I'd be curious to hear your thoughts in a similar vein on fasting, both intermittent fasting and extended fasts (48h+). Similar to Scott Carney's premise of artificial homeostasis, it seems that humans are not adapted to continuous feedings. Periods of decreased or absent food intake seem much more in line with our biologic protocols. Compared to a "restrictive diet," fasting does not inherently limit what foods and their corresponding nutrients we take in, but simply the overall amount, and allows the glucose-insulin-llipogenesis pathway to be halted, so that lipolysis can occur.

  4. Natural scientific
    methodology ≠ the border of all insight/understanding/knowledge .. so there is no real matter for complacency when talking about things outside the own actual horizen of perception, calling them 'rubbish'. Not very scientific at all.

  5. i meditated in thailand for 2 hrs. in the sun suddently after some time i didnt feel the heat and stopped sweating even though it was 43 degrees Celsius that was a special experience i wasnt even dehydrated after that so weird

  6. Well I am blown away, by you, at 3:28 for the fifth time already… If you only had couple millions subscribers instead of pewdiepie,, the world would look a lot different… Subed and belled.

    Edit: I did WimHof method for 10 weeks, almost to the letter, and ended up in icy water. Started it because I had hashimoto, and high blood pressure which are both now a thing of the past, high pressure, after wim hof method ( 2 years ago ) and hashimoto due to other circumstances.

    I would like to know more about breathing as it contradicts to Buteyko method in terms of technique and O2 absorption. So how you can increase your blood Oxygen if you eliminate CO2 which is needed for your cells to take in O2? Something what Buteyko method does totally differently, always keeping CO2 high and O2 absorption high as well. And you get pretty hot from Buteyko method due to vasodilation.

    I am not a doctor nor scientist, just an internet student here and there, this is why I am asking this question here, don't even know if I understood both methods correctly? at the seeming temple of knowledge!!!

    Thanks!!! Really liked the video.

    EDIT: Wim hof breathing will get oxygen into blood but not in cells unless you hold your empty lungs for long time to actually acumulate CO2, Buteyko will do the same thing slowly by depriving you from air, by making you breath less. Zátopek Czech runner used similar thing but by running and holding his breath and thus achieving the same results. Making your body more tolerant to CO2 and acidity, allowing you to accumulate more CO2 in your blood, and thus absorb a lot more O2 with a lot less effort, which ultimately makes you perform much better then when you breath too much.

    So a message to all reading this, breathe less, far less. And NEVER inhale through your mouth!! EVER AGAIN!!!

  7. I'd recommend taking everything–even youtube comments–with a grain of salt. Let's just say I know someone that works for a content creation agency and some of their clients buy "legit" reviews/comments even on places like YouTube. You might see someone commenting with a believable name and picture but all of that is fake and most probably bought from competitors to credit or discredit. One of his clients is a famous keto-diet expert with more than 3 million subscribers who only sells cock and bull stories.
    Disclaimer: My comment has got nothing to do with Wim Hof or his method or even the content of this video for example. I'm just sharing something I know personally

  8. I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis as a child. After practicing the Wim Hof Method since March, it took about a week for my issues to disappear into thin air. Also, I no longer get sick from cold, going as far as travelling without a jacket in 0 degrees Celsius (I'm from Sweden). You might want to fact check your video. Another thing worth pointing out is this – the facts you stated about his twin brother is inaccurate.

  9. I love this video and really needed to watch it. If I may go off track for a minute. I believe the reason why non scientific proven studies are so popular is because the majority of people do not trust the medical community. I won’t ramble about this, but, there has been so many proven connections between the pharmaceutical and medical community. I’m not saying these alternative options are right. I’m just trying to figure out why we feel a need to look at other alternatives. Another reason why people don’t trust the western medicines is because we don’t see a lot of effort to try and combine what the western doctors know with the thousands of years the Eastern doctors know.

  10. Thank you for this. Wim Hof also recognises the importance of the placebo effect. He even tested it out with the Yes Theory group by them jumping into freezing water and climbing the mountain without any training, just the power of the mind, (having wound them up a bit first:-) And he says that the cold showers are partly to help train your own mental attitude you take on this kind of stress. https://youtu.be/8cvhwquPqJ0

  11. At one point scientists claimed smoking tobacco was good for you. So yeah, science-backed info is good however science is meant to evolve. Mr Hoff has achieved incredible feats that earned him some records and astonished scientists. Not everything needs to have "proof" behind it to work. I've solved migraines instantly through the breathing techniques and yet have health professionals and a neurologist who told me that breathing + cold showers don't do shit. Is it!? How is it then that I'm doing better by breathing than on the hoards of pills I had to take.

    He is an eccentric individual and Nerds who only listen to textbook Law will find fault with him, however the man has helped me and I didn't even have to pay him a cent (unlike the Doctors who send me home with Ibuprofen and a fat check on their desk ffs).

  12. Wim has already been tested by far more superior doctors of several fields than you my friend!FAct is no one is going to be and dont want to be wim,we all saw incredible health upgrades

  13. I’d love to hear your take on why some people experience uncontrollable laughter, crying and convulsions when doing long breath holds on the WHM.

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