October 23, 2021


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Doctor Explains the Latest Vegan vs Keto Head to Head Study

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41 thoughts on “Doctor Explains the Latest Vegan vs Keto Head to Head Study

  1. A quickie down by the river; one-take explainer on an interesting study. I'll be honest with you, after the first few hours I'm not going to check the comments on this one. But I dream of a day where ketonauts will be able to join hands with veganists as brothers and sisters, not divided by what it is on their plate, but united by the fact it is free of processed food. Keep it civil please.

    Edit: thanks for those pointing out the typo at 00:07:14 – should read "this does not imply it is the ONLY option…". The downside of trying to do the whole video in a hurry in one day!

  2. I think most of the extreme tribalism in this topic is spawned not from the health or science aspect of the topic, but from the ethical dilemma of cruelty. If you consider it cruel to eat something then you will have an emotional attachment to the topic. On the other side, we have people that feel they are being labelled cruel and in order to justify their decision, place a heavy emotional attachment to the health-related topics in order to create a necessity in those food choices thus rationalising any potential cruelty-based labels.

    Great video, I hope similar studies come out so a review can be compiled.

  3. You are right on the point, every body is different and will bring different results on each of these two different diet, just do what feel the best for your body and stay away from refined junkies !

  4. We gotta keep in mind that we NEED CALORIES to function…they are the energy. They come in the form of fat, protein and carbs….1000 calories is 1000 calories…it's the form of energy that matters.
    Carbs spike my insulin, leading to insulin resistance (I don't respond to my own insulin production) meaning the sugar from the carbs isn't being eliminated or used well.
    Protein also turns to Glucose and affects my insulin.
    Hence neither Vegan or Paleo works for me….but Keto is fat based and works to level off my insulin. I also fast periodically….reducing my insulin and blood sugar levels. I feel better and I function better.

  5. Great video. Love how you broke it down and showed the similarities. Whole, real food, not processed is the answer. I happen to be whole food plant based, and it's due to diabetes that I made the switch. I know lots who eat meat and are healthy. I also know people who literally eat meat and cheese. ONLY meat and cheese, no vegetables, nothing but meat and cheese. On the other side… I know vegans that only eat junk vegan food. The sad thing is both think they are healthy. They're not. Eating real food is the way to go.

  6. I have been working out for a long time, I started in 2004 and I have tried all kinds of diets. I'm here now watching this vlog because I just quit doing keto diet yesterday. I've been on a keto diet for a few weeks and I noticed that I didn't lose weight at all.

    What really worked for me is the calorie deficit diet or fast 800 diet and that is already tried and tested by me. I noticed that on keto diet, my waistline increased. I was on OMAD with intermittent fasting, but it wasn't really effective for me which is quite disappointing. On a low-calorie diet, I could lose weight in an instant and I can easily see the improvement of my weight and waistline in just a week. But on keto diet, my abs disappeared even if I was consistently exercising every day. I just tried the keto diet because I've heard a lot of benefits about it like treating diseases, clearing up the skin, lowering blood sugar level and what I liked the most is, it would make you lose weight EASILY (that's what they claimed) and what happened to me is the opposite, I literally gained weight considering that I was on a strict keto diet with intermittent fasting. When I was on low-calorie diet, my weight was 43 kilos and then it became 49.9 kilos after 5 weeks of doing strict keto diet. I feel better when I don't eat fatty foods, I feel lighter. Adding fats on my diet really is against my will but I had to, for the sake of keto diet. Before I began doing this type of diet, my waistline was 23 inches and now it's 27 inches and this is mentally draining for me. It sucks big time! Keto Diet is not really for everyone. I also don't like the amount of restrictions on this type of diet, the keto flu, leg cramps and bad breath are outrageous!

    For active people like me, I really need my carbohydrates! And now that I'm back to low-calorie diet, I feel a lot better knowing that I could eat anything I want without feeling guilty. If you want to lose weight, plant-based diet is so much better than keto diet.

  7. Vegans want to force everyone to eat like them, ketovores don't give a hoot what anyone else eats.

    Regardless of how well the diets do or don't work a large section of vegans are just little tyrants in disguise.

  8. Stay away from keto, that shit can kill you.. It is only meant to be done under doctor supervision. If you want something that works and isn't dangerous, I recommend the Agoge diet plan. worked great for me 🙂

  9. Interesting video. I’m sorry, I know I run the risk of sounding like an annoying know-it-all here, but there is a big difference between being vegan and plant based that people maybe don’t realize. Being vegan is a lifestyle in which you abstain from not just eating animal products, but using them in all aspects of life. You don’t wear any clothing made of animals or participate in any activities where animals are used for entertainment.
    Being plant based is just about diet and often for health reasons or environment, without the main goal of animal rights. Thank you 🙏🏼✌🏻

  10. loooool, guys whoever listen to this bs, dont believe a word of it and do proper research. …ok credit for processed food being a problem, nothing else.

  11. If keto and whole food plant based were equally healthy (which they are absolutly not), there is an easy decider. One depends on mass enslavement, raping, dividing babys from their mothers. The other one doesn't. Pretending it doesn't matter is not for everyone.

  12. No focus on general well-being? I think the reason people get so religious over diets is because of the positive effects they feel on them. I know that keto makes me feel like a completely new person and the same goes for many other people. But not all. And those that didn't experience the same or did but on a vegan diet will then argue. It's very individual. Weightloss is really only a second thought here for me at least

  13. Salt is life(electrolytes) white table salt is death, unfortunately down vote from me, but u shouldn't look at the weight aspect, but rather muscle compartments and ability to use body, measure the stamina of a person

  14. Interesting study. My worry is that excludes exercise, which can affect appetite in a major way. There's lots of PhD work here and room for many research projects. There are several factors that interact in someone's health. 30% intake of processed foods is staggeringly bad! The observation about unprocessed foods being common to ultra-healthy populations is telling; humans are so well adapted to spread out over the Earth, kind of fits in with observation…

  15. @dr_agbonese is all over the world curing people with different kinds of diseases and infections, I was a patient of HSV since over 2yrs when a friend of mine directed me to @dr agbonese herbal on YouTube channel so I contacted him and he send me the medication, now am cured totally thank you very much.

  16. More fat loss on plant based, good to know. But it would be good to see the effect on health markers (such as lowered LDL or removal of arterial plaque). "Diets" aren't just about weight loss or fat loss. Great video nonetheless.

  17. The only two issues I have with keto are the ethical, environmental, and safety(zoonotic diseases) concerns that come with consuming animal products and if it's sustainable in a heathy way (meets nutrient needs) if you are vegan + keto.

  18. Interesting study. Thanks for the video. Of course, there are other things to consider when making choosing general dietary practices, but this is interesting from a weight loss perspective.

  19. So… insulin tolerance declined on keto and people lost weight(fat) on plant based diet. How the processed foods is the monster? Why bring it up if the study did not even included processed foods or am I missing something ?

  20. I don't need a "study" to tell me things, especially when I know today when it concerns Leftists there is clear BIAS in the formation of the study, they form it to validate their beliefs, NOT to show what the actual truth is. Me, I can just watch YouTube videos, seeing the MANY ex-Vegans showing clearly being Vegan is Unhealthy, and the many Low-Carb and KETO experts which clearly show from the explanations and people's real-world experience that it's a superior diet. Literally, nobody is having issues with these diets, unlike Veganism. Turns out, the old studies which said meat was bad was in fact CARBS, the high carb, less natural, etc. Western diet as being the problem.

    I can also tell you that this study from the start of your video that's it's biased…
    1. Veganism is actually GOOD for a "short-term" cleansing, lowing your body fat, losing weight etc. Not that KETO isn't, but obviously just eating a lot of greens and other foods of nature will have a short-term effect.
    2. There are far too few people in the study for this kind of issue to determine anything legitimate.
    3. Just giving people food and telling them to do whatever they want is NOT how especially the KETO diet works. You MUST follow a certain system for it to actually work correctly.

    BTW, I should point out that I don't recommend KETO long-term either… I think "low-carb" is the way to go, unless you're an athlete, then you eat more carbs simply to help compensate and not rely entirely on your KETO reserves, you only tap into them on occasion while intermittent fasting, sports endurance etc.

  21. agree that processed foods are garbage, but that's only part of the problem. Eating frequency is also a massive issue. Most fat people eat not only crap food, but they eat too much, and importantly, way too often. It's neither necessary or natural to eat all day long, every day. People that do are food junkies. It's way easier to not eat all day, and fast, on a low carb diet in my experience, but carbs are needed before intense exercise. Not really sure this study proved anything of any note but nice beard.

  22. I’ve been through intensive diets, both low fat and high protein. I didn’t feel well in either, so I proceeded to eat everything I felt good after eating it. 2 eggs and bacon in the morning, fruit after workout, vegetables and chicken or fish for lunch and for dinner spinach and potatoes. I never felt better in my life, and I actually realized that it’s about the quality of the food and how do YOU feel after eating. Surely someone feels better on a different diet 💁‍♀️

  23. that report is a medlife crisis. people do not be fooled. Several flaws. Low carb is amazing for weight loss and have it off for good. This video persona never tried a low carb or keto diet but bla bla bla.

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